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    Friend of mine's in trouble

    Well, not really friend. She's my mom's friend. Called me today basically asking me to borrow my car. 4.6L stang, 25k miles, 5 speed. I lied to her I don't have insurance, and I told her that because I don't have license police will pull her over. Obviously she could have driven it...
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    Fiber supplement?

    I need some sort of fiber supplement. Equivalent in quality to Centrum vitamins. Please suggest some names, so I know what to look for.
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    Heartbreak Ridge

    "Put a bag around your head, keep American beautiful." :up: :crackup: LOLOLOL Funny!!
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    Cops and Don't Run

    Ever watched cops where cop chases a bad guy and don't catch him? I seen one with one legged cop chase a guy, hand cuff him, and bring him in. Don't ever run from cops. Those mother fvckers will chase you down, K9, or not. :moon: Those are some tought mother fvckers...
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    Things that are cliché.....

    I've confronted a guy with a van who was here to install things to someone. He parked next to my covered stang, and that's a big no no in my book. Even though he done it so that he's away from me, I still confront him. Why you say? Because condo rules state that contractor vehicles...
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    How to tie a du-rag?

    I got me 12 pairs of du-rags. http://cgi.ebay.com/12-PACK-RED-DU-RAGS-DURAG-DOO-RAG-SKULLY-CAP-NEW_W0QQitemZ200116952808QQihZ010QQcategoryZ52367QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Thus black panther black. So that my bike helmet don't get sweat on it. How to tie these things?
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    My neighbor is a hoe

    My neighbor, and my oneitis of my AFC days is a hoe. It's confirmed. Even recentely I wanted to hit it with her, because her ass just keeps getting bigger. But decided against that. A hoe, that brings a different brother every week to fvck, is not my type. :kick: A stripper...
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    Which route has better success of Chargeback

    Credit Card Chargeback... 1. Because I'm not satisfied with the item, it broke. Seller refused to send in a replacement, and refused to refund before I return it. Offered a refund but only after I return it, and only if I package it right. Refund with trix. 2. Because I'm not...
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    Just terrorizing some nerds...

    Here, copy and paste the link: http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread.php?t=307648 :kick:
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    Bike instead of a car

    So I rode my bike today, instead of a car.. :up: It's much better than a car. Faster. I was able to ride around to 4 different places in 35 minutes, that chorse would take me around 50 minutes on a car, when traffic is light. Here, in Miami, drivers are friendly towards bikers. That...
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    Dealing with nerds

    How to deal with nerds? I yet to have face those little bastards in real life. On forums other than here they come in abundant. They usually attack your spelling, your age, or something else about you that's made up. One called me a virgin, to what I replied: The post was...
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    Y100: Mariagable women, ROCCO you're the man!

    Just in case Rocco is one of ours. This morning on Y100, Miami, there was a talk show about mariagable and doable women, once who withhold sex to intice men, and those who don't have problems giving it. After all that AFC garbage caller males, and those stupid females on the radio. The...
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    HB rate paris hilton

    What is she? http://www.free-celebrity-desktop-wallpaper.com/paris-hilton/paris-hilton%20(1).jpg
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    Women are evil, scientific prove

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    Financial advice about car loan

    I have me an 01 mustang gt, 5 speed. I love the car. But don't have license to drive it. I might have a license in like 5 or 6 months, or might not have one. I was making payments and can continue to do so. I can pay 0 next month, because it is that much paid for. I got low jack on it...
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    Why don't Rossie O'Donnel have kids?

    Did I made a joke? Could it end up in playboy party jokes? :wave: Why don't Rossie O'Donnel have kids? She has a BCF, birth control face. I once done a joke that crossed continents and became very popular. 1995 or 94 in Sochi, Russia. Russian joke, don't sound...
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    Astrology as a daily guide

    Does anybody else find astrology to be so well tuned as to be able to give you an idea about the day ahead? The more I improve myself, the more I focus on myself, the more I understand what I read in the horoscope. It's not even a "sure it gets some things right" thing anymore, it says...
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    Military Glasses?

    Who makes the glasses U.S. Marines and Army wears? I don't mean the goggles, they have these cool glasses they use.
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    Bicycles - Stand Over Height

    Stand over height is when measured from the ground to top of top bar. I'm 5'10" and I wonder what is the right or at least some standover heights where it's not too tall for me and not too small. Something in the ball park? I got two good bikes, one is 31.5" stand over height, and the...
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    45 Minute Fat Burning Workout - FitnessMadeSimple.com

    I followed the following workout with results of 20 lbs fat loss per month. It was between 10 to 20 lbs per month. 20 at first, but from the on less. I used a scale to verify it was fat loss only, not muscle. In fact, my muscle mass remained the same as at the begginning (this is because my...