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    Having trouble sleeping?

    Work out before bed. Dont take naps during the day. If you are under stress or have lots on your that may be a cause of having trouble sleeping.
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    Funniest Sh1t Ever.

    funny, but wrong section
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    Problem with Roomates

    Sorry but that is life. Living with room mates suck. Anyone with experience will tell you that. You sacrifice your personal space for cheaper rent. Suck it up or move or go crazy on that nga and kill him.
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    Problem with Roomates

    Suck it up or move
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    Obsessive-compulsive disorder

    I have OCD. I cant eat the ends of foods *shrug*. My friends just make fun of me but whatever
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    The economy is killing me...help!

    Everyone struggles sometime in their life. It builds character although its not fun to struggle. You will get through it, I am sure of it.
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    Is banging this girl worth $3.7 million?

    That girl is butt ugly. She would have to pay me.
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    Sex tips

    meatstick lol
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    Tell me whats wrong with this picture...

    Im assuming one of them is a man?
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    To any lawyers or cops

    "Do you know why I pulled you over" "yeah because you are an *******, oink oink oink"
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    My mom just passed away this afternoon.

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    Dripping $natch??

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    social status.. please help me out here

    Off to bootcamp with you.
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    spitting game at work

    that only applies to co workers
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    Zero to Hero from Bootcamp!?!

    This probably has nothing to do with your question but a few years ago... I got a new job, part time at a retail store. I met buttloads of 18 to 21 year olds. I was 28 at the time. Anyways I became friends with all of them, even the ugly cow ones. Now I have a huge social network of hot...
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    Its more than that
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    How to make money without a job...

    this thread delivers
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    Irrational Women

    women are never wrong in their mind. Dont argue with them, its ****ing useless. All you can do is train them or they train you. How you react to a situation is how they will learn to behave.
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    Violin... or any other instrument?

    I play the rusty trombone