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    Married and having women friends

    One of the women i work with is one of my best friends now and she is leaving our company to move back to her home town and i am fairly sad about it. She is also married and we have bonded over stress at work, our mutual love of her hometown since i used to live there and have talked about life...
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    I was average looking and now i must be ugly

    I feel like the stress that hit me the last 5 years etc has really put a toll on my looks. I was never a guy that got women solely based on his looks and still managed to be successful over the years. I married a great woman and now have a daughter i love dearly. I have been good and havent been...
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    What are some other forums you like to read?

    Some other forums i go to on occasion For fitness Bodybuilding.com Runnersworld.com For career Eng-tips.com For guitar stuff Thegearpage For sports Ncaabbs.com Just wondering what forums you guys like to read. For PUA sosuave has always been my favorite, although im on...
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    Has there been anything new since 2006?

    I used to be a regular on here from the early 2000's on past the release of the game and afterwards. I stopped following after the formation of the stylelife academy and the pickup artist hit the tv. So are there any new gurus or techniques of note? Im a married guy now but like to keep up...
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    Astronaut says aliens have visited earth.

    http://news.aol.com/article/astronaut-says-aliens-have-visited-earth/437766?icid=main|hp-laptop|dl1|link3|http%3A%2F%2Fnews.aol.com%2Farticle%2Fastronaut-says-aliens-have-visited-earth%2F437766 Has he lost it? Actually I believe it is quite possible other life forms exist. NOt sure if they...
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    Mental fatigue

    What are your best recommendations for mental fatigue. I get that kind of numb feeling sometimes or foggy feeling in my head. I also get mentally tired quickly. I guess I'm a big ***** or burned out, or depressed?
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    A few last bangs before I committ

    I have a great gf, an LTR of 3 years and it's going great. Going to get engaged and married this year. Only problem? I still love variety! I probably would have been ok in my earlier life like in early to late 20's because I had only been with a few women. I'm 35 now. I do want to get...
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    Meetsafe screening

    A few times I've met girls from Craigslist. Depending on my trust, I might just meet them, play a little and or bang them. Depends on my gut instincts. On occasions I've gotten girls that want me to fill out the meetsafe screening thing. I think its probably a scam, but they say they only...
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    If you had to choose one exercise per bodypart...

    If you had to choose one exercise per bodypart, what would it be. You can choose on the basis of what you like doing the best, what you think is the best muscle builder, etc. Just justify your answer below. CHEST- Hammer Strength Chest Press. I like doing this best because I feel less likely...
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    Wanna be gamers on Craigslist?

    I have been playing around with Craigslist and actually have met a few girls, so much of it is fake, but it is possible. Anyways in checking out the competition, I notice alot of guys posting on there are showing pics of them showing the middle finger. Wasn't it Mystery that started this? Are...
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    My coworker is a lazy fvck!

    I have posted this on an engineering board before, but it keeps driving me nuts. I've been working at a job for about 2 years now with a guy that might be the laziest person I've ever met. Unfortunately we share the workload albeit very unevenly because of his exploits. He stays in his...
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    Nicknames for HB

    I'm looking for some good new nicknames for HB's Bratty Little Sister is too overdone, as well as Very Bad Girl (used to be a poster here). Any suggestions for fun names to call girls?
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    Your favorite preday 2 or date music

    I dont know about you but even after all these years I get nerves before a day 2, a date, or a first time meeting (as well as approaches of course, but this is a different discussion). What I found always helped was listening to a song that put me in a great mood, maybe something with a bit...
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    Why I think I more of a seducer than a pickup artist....

    What's in name anyways, but I've started to think about past lays, relationships etc since I've been involved in the community (2001) or known about (1996). I started to think that I'm more of a seductionist than a pick up artist. So what do I feel the difference is? I think it's the amount...
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    Too pretty to fly?

    http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2008/02/25/porter.too.pretty.to.fly.wtsp This girl isn't a HB. Just shows you how they think they are hot. I hate immature girls like this. Guess it goes with the territory being 18.
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    Theres no accounting for bad taste

    Might say its bad taste but looks like rock artist Pink is getting a divorce http://www.eonline.com/news/article/index.jsp?uuid=a9bfe851-97de-4d89-83ef-9c84731b0dcc I kind of fancy a shag with her. I know she's a bit wild and tattooed though. I guess I just like a few of her songs and she'd...
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    Sacramento Kings

    I love girls that don't give a fvck and like to fvck! http://www.withleather.com/post.phtml?pk=4994
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    How much a month do you spend on alcohol?

    I was just wondering do you have any idea how much a month you spend on alcohol on average? I would love or perhaps hate to know how much I've spent on alcoholic drinks since I started drinking. It'd also be interesting to know how many beers I've had, etc. As it is I never keep track...
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    Miss America (HB rating anyone?)

    Kind of proud of this girl as she is going to school at my alma mater which has a great music school. What's her HB rating? Sometimes the Miss Americas aren't super hot, but I know that's not all they are judged on. I give her a solid HB9 based on this photo and a bit of bias...
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    Bisexual polyamorous girls

    I saw a similar thread to this, but wanted to open this one with a question. A few times in my life, i've met a bisexual girl that believes in open relationships. Girls like this are usually highly sexual and fun to be with. I had a short term relationship with one. In any event I was...