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    Lol ex from 2 years ago is cyber stalking me

    Alright so I haven’t been too active on here, But I lurk and shyt. I first came here after my crippling oneitis (a 10) of a 6 year LTR left, who basicaly begged me to marry her for 2 years before that, but would bicker and give my shyt every chance she got. Even then, I was kinda warming up to...
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    Still stuck

    I came to this forum initially because of a bad break up. I wanted to get her back and eventually marry the girl. That’s what she wanted but I kept side stepping the issue. That was ONE of our problems. An LTR of 6 years. For me from 25-31. For her from 21-27. I explained the details in a...
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    Does anyone here believe pair bonding for life is possible in the current climate?

    Just curious to see what others have to say.
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    Fighting is good.

    Idk how many of you are you are into martial arts here, but if you’re not, change that. You know how tapping into the primal part of a woman’s brain is important and all that with game and red pill? Ok. So I THINK this works the same for us. Fight other men. It radiates off of you somehow. When...
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    Want my ex gf back.

    Alright so this is a bit of a taboo topic around the SS forums, but there has to be a way to pull it off. I want my ex back. Yeah yeah, I know my energy is better spent elsewhere. Attracting new women, etc. But this was supposed to be my wife and I can’t shake this feeling. Spaz already gave...