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    22 yr old NHL player hits on Anna Kendrick on twitter

    Reminds me a little bit of Kate Mara but id rather have Kate Mara
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    Great post
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    The Best Strategy to Talk to Women and Quickly Create Connections with Them

    There is something to be said for matching others energy state too than raising it. If the woman is quiet and subdued and you come in too hyped up it may not work out as well. Matching and pacing help
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    The Best Strategy to Talk to Women and Quickly Create Connections with Them

    Nice post. I agree a good way to get a conversation going is to reveal things about yourself first. I would also add that being a good story teller can really rope in womens attention. I describe people from my neighborhood or my past that ive worked with and tell funny or interesting stories...
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    Hookup sites

    I used to hookup from craigslist despite the risks. I could see sites working better
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    NoFap challenge for personal growth

    Ive given up alcohol and coffee for a month so may as well try a nofap month sometime...
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    Brace yourselves (controversial)

    There is more truth to this than you know. In my first job out of school a married woman came on to me so hard. I turned her down several times before giving in to her eventually. It was great sex but it was wrong for me. Ive turned down many married women since. Married women i work with often...
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    Mental fatigue

    I work in a field in healthcare where most of my work is kind of dictated to me by the needs of patient care. However my department rewards project work as something of great value too. I struggle to work on projects given my more pressing short term clinical responsibilities. There is alot of...
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    Married and having women friends

    I am a bit odd i guess. When we were dating well actually more when it was friends and not serious dating i was jealous when other guys gave her attention. I saw it as a threat for her affection which it was. Now after years of marriage i am not jealous at all. Maybe thats not a good thing. I...
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    30s newbie getting back into game.

    The old trick I remember from clubs is try to get her to do a venue change with you. If you are in an area with lots of good clubs get her to leave the one you met at and go to another. It creates a sense of being a couple already and has real strong effects in my opinion. It increases your...
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    10 - 15 Years Women will be obsolete.

    I still havent tried VR of any sort
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    Do you ever suffer from back pain?

    My brother is having issues with this and may have a degenerative disc. It sounds awful
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    Married and having women friends

    I agree. I have to admit that my platonic friend has been filling some needs my wife hasnt. She is complimentary to me whereas my wife traditionally isnt the type to give compliments. My wife is empathetic but in a different manner than my friend. My wife had a more challenging childhood where...
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    Whoa... Chasing women/sex has BECOME my life. Something's wrong

    I was in this mode at your age too. I rationalized that i would sow as many oats as possible before settling down and getting married. Of course when you get married its hard to turn ofd that validation from woman switch. I made the mistake of still chattint/flirting with women by habit until...
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    Married and having women friends

    I totally get what you guys are saying. I think the woman in this case truly considers me a friend, i do i think that while i enjoy her alot as a friend i also think she has been feeding my ego in terms of my career etc. Since i dont get that alot at work (i am in a role that several others do...
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    The Magic Story - Must Read

    I wish i read this when it was published. I got back on the right track in 2009 but literally around this same time of 2008 my minus entity was in full effect.
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    Mental fatigue

    Very good post. I have on occasion used a technique called the pomodoro method where i focus for 25 minutes before i take a small break
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    Married and having women friends

    Wife doesnt have male friends that she hangs around with other than maybe at the crossfit gym. If we both werent married and i still worked with this woman i wouldnt date her since i dont date coworkers. But if she wasnt a coworker id date her haha
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    Wife is leaving my friend due to his chronic illness. Seems pretty heartless

    A friend from high school has MS and his wife divorced him. There are some cruel women out there. Granted there could be other issues