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    Where do you meet exceptionally good looking girls?

    I'm talking about, naturally beautiful... Pretty, sexy, etc. Younger girls who have not a wrinkle to be more specific. I think...I see them at the strip club, or less crude would be like a Hooters place. Now, is it wrong to try and find a gf from a place like that? Because regular girls with...
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    Keisha grey

    Yo...with this isolation...been on Instagram 100% more than ever...made an account and decided to just have fun and not make real friends. So .. I "friended" Keisha grey, one of the sexiest females in the world from what I've seen...and she got arm sleeve tattoos and I just felt bad. Females...
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    Going out to eat

    If a girl takes you out to eat and pays...is that like giving you confirmation to screw? She casually took me out multiple times, for sandwiches, you know, nothing fancy. Now I'm thinking I should have at least made out with her lol
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    Is my little bro a **** block...?

    To make a long story short. I made a brand new hot girl with short shorts on...at the nearby store. Somehow, I chatted her up and she was into me...so I said, come with me to my buildings pool. It was like 2 pm and it's vacant. Came to the building, I didn't have the keys to the pool, so I...
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    Moving to central america?

    So...i think i finally had it. Moving to costa rica. Its not that i dont have a decent job here...make about $40/hr. I stay fit too. But the women here are not getting any "better" Plus the media panders to them. It was always pandering to females, but as a guy...i feel left out. Plus no kids...
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    What do you guys do when....

    After a day of work...im mostly on my feet and i get tired and when i get home i feel like i want some girl to cheer me up. But...how do you guys deal with nobody telling you that you "killed it" today. Obviously...i need sleep and am not super jovial...and i dont want to smoke weed or drink...
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    Plate behavior at 3 months

    We made plans to hang out. As we're driving she goes ....you can go out with your friends and have fun... Ok. I was just casually mentioning that they were all gonna be out watching the game and im not down to spend money on watered down drinks. Kinda odd behavior from a 2-3 month stance. Shyt...
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    What does a womans love mean?

    Is it ..you drive me crazy. Is it. I hate yiu...is it..i want you. My theory...my being is love....to all .... I get sad..i get up...i get sideways....but my door is always knocking...get with me. Be a millionaire in spirit ....laughter...joy....
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    No contact on new plate

    So...long story short. I went ghost. She said she made herself busy and "got by" during the no contact. I said she easily could have called. Said she didnt like that i disappear. But i didnt...i was here. Not sure about this one....
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    She said i was boring cuz i dont want to eat her booty hole

    Wtf.... Bro...i dont do that lol
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    College gym or regular?

    New town, new gym. Found a nice laid back one with outdoor pool. No fuss weights, $20 a month. Then found a college gym available to the community. $45 a month. On the one hand, my future might not allow me to have another gym with 95% co-eds. On the other hand, $20 is a steal. Help.
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    You're hard to train, but I'll get you there

    So...started seeing Jan, she jokingly said that I'm too much of a rebel and that I'm hard to train. Ummm...that's a new one. What's up with this? I didn't respond back. Just smiled. Cuz you can't control me.
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    How does a DJ/sosuaver "win" a girl back?

    What's the proper way?
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    What happens when YOU go back after no contact?

    Anyone ever go back for secs, or just because whatever, after her no contacting you? Like a stalemate?
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    Girl told on me. How to react?

    So, I got taken to the drunk tank. Nothing happened, just drunk in public, no court dates, no fines. Girl goes and "casually" tells my mom about this. Three weeks after the fact. Umm, why? Could it be cuz me and the girl haven't spoke in a week. Neither of us has reached out to the other...
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    Why and how does withdrawing attention work?

    I just want to hear some smarties explain it.
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    So what are women's complaints?

    Here on this site, I see all the gripes. So is there like a bunch of girls out there complaining that their dudes are not making moves on them? Too beta? Or not at all, and a lot of girls are laughing to the bank? I mean, I know there's a lot that complain about just being sexed, but they both...
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    Gave gf $100 so she can buy groceries

    So yea. I finally got paid and shes been paying for lunch so gotta reciprocate right? But i told her to only spend $70 because i need $30 change for the weekend. She comes back with $5 change. I was pissed. I just walked out the door. Help me out here...how do i calm down..whats your guyz take...
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    Got a new hair cut and gf/plate....

    So i had grown my hair for 6 months. Still styled it tho. And i was getting hot cuz of warmer weather so i cut it buzzed cut. I look 25 now. Was looking 33. Everyone in class was complementing. My guy friends too cuz obviously i look much younger. Humble brag aside...i noticed my gf/plate did...
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    So i went to the club alone

    I walked up to two girls sitting down and I said, I'm looking to hook up tonight, hopefully a three way.... They gave that look of disgust and told me off. I said, I'll be sitting over there finishing my drink then I'm leaving. And what happened 10 minutes later...one of them came up to me. We...