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    have a gf, but another girl wants my piece

    any advice for trying to have my cake and eat it too? last week, i got in a pretty nasty fight with my gf. the next night (thursday) i go out with some friends and end up spending the night with this younger little hottie. didn't have sex, but made her squeal pretty good and she's called...
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    broke up with my gf last night

    So i was with this girl for about a year and a half. I've known all along that I didn't plan to marry her. We got in some nasty fights and I came close to breaking up with her before. But for the most part, we had some good times, and I enjoyed being with her. Even though I never wanted...
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    seeing other girls when you have a gf

    so i have a girlfriend of over a year but i crave sexing other women (as most of us do) i'm not MARRIED! so i met this younger girl and she's all about hanging out i will probably do a lunch date with her first or something chill like that and see if i am willing to break it off with...
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    met a dope girl tonight but i have a girlfriend (sort of field report)

    man so i'm at this party and i'm really infatuated with this super sexy black girl right.. sorta made eye contact a few times, and decided that i would make a point to approach and talk to her before i left.. even just to not care if she's not feelin me so i do when i do, she's with 3...
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    why was this post moved to anything else?

    http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=63752 please provide a reason it falls into the category of "Discuss meeting, dating, and attracting women with others. Ask a question or give advice." just fine whats up?
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    What are your experiences with myspace.com? (online dating)

    anyone ever pull any trim on myspace? i've never hooked up with any girls from the internet, but if you're gonna try, myspace seems like a helluva place to do it there are some seriously amazing women on there! and it's free, you can message whoever the hell you want but if your goal...
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    the dilemma all men in a relationship face

    you have a girlfriend, but damn if you don't want to hook up with other women i've been with a girl for several months now, and it's cool.. we get along well for the most part, she puts up with a lot, doesn't give me sh1t about various things like some girls would, sex is good, etc. however...
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    people with steady girlfriends - how often do you see your woman?

    Yo, So I have a steady girlfriend for the first time, we've been seeing eachother since like oct. but it was more laid back at first, been more of a girlfriend boyfriend type of situation since probly late winter/spring. She's cool, things are good, we get along, my friends dig her and she's...
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    Sex leads to confidence, plain and simple

    What is the correlation between being a chumpass AFC and not getting laid? I would go as far to hypothesize that it's one in the same practically. Coming from the background of a 100% loser chump m@therf*cking as AFC as it gets vagina-less loser, I only speak from experience. But...
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    Being Shy Is The DEVIL

    that is all
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    how do you tell a girl that she's not a good kisser?

    without being rude or hurting her feelings
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    dating non-american girls and cultural differences, etc.

    I went out with this japanese girl (been in america for 10 years or so) last night for the first time. I played it pretty cool and overall the date seemed pretty positive. But I pretty much did most of the talking. I did a pretty good job of asking her questions and keeping the focus off of...
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    insecure about never having a serious gf

    I'm 27, never had a serious girlfriend, and am pretty insecure about it Today I was talking to a guy who I've never seen with a girl once in the year or so I've known him. But he mentioned casually in passing that he had 3+ gf's in the past. My first subconscious reaction was uneasiness...
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    Being torn between wanting meaningless sex for experience & waiting 4 someone special

    is practically at my essence. Anyone with me? Not that I'm a virgin, but I've never had sex with a woman I've had any kind of mental/emotional connection with, or atleast a steady girlfriend that you somewhat vibe with on different levels. I had a "f_ck buddy" not too long ago, but it...
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    should I invite girl that totally flaked me to a dope party I'm having?

    If it was a close friends/friends of friends type of party, no question, she would not be invited however, it is a party where I'm basically trying to get as many people as possible to go, and said girl would probably be down with the vibe at said party confident persistence vs. NEXT...
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    Have you ever made out with a girl and been left with a foul taste in your palate?

    Ok, it seems like sometimes after thoroughly making out with a girl, you are left with no taste in your mouth other than your own. Other times, you can kinda taste a subtle difference but it's not so unpleasant. Other times, you taste a subtle difference in your mouth but it is unpleasant...
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    How to react if/when girl that blew me off calls back?

    Was supposed to go out with a girl wednesday night (2nd date, 1st date was like a month ago and I didn't make any moves, been waiting for the 2nd date to make a move). She calls to say she's tired apologetically and that we should do something this weekend (sounding sincere), so I said...
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    Talking Dirty

    Allstar69's post got me thinking, there should be more posts devoted to sexual technique(s). From those of us completely foreign to dirty talk to those who have successful experience with it, anyone got any tips/suggestions to talk dirty without it being innapropriate or forced, or even lame...
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    Is it possible to beat pessimism?

    --->HOW can I beat pessimism? It seems like I've been a ****ing pessimist my whole life man. Sure, I can read some inspiring positive quotes or articles here and there and be really interested in them, but I have never attained a prolonged, consistent state of optimism really. Anyone know...
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    Sleep/energy level/mood and dating/dj'ing

    It's obviously tough to be on your game when you're tired. Check this out: "Some people are quite significantly impaired by little sleep deprivation, whereas others are quite tolerant to large amounts of sleep deprivation. Those who receive fewer than six hours of sleep also feel more...