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    Do crazy girls get worse with age?

    Just discussing the hot/crazy girls from my HS with my guy friends from high school. Interesting, all of them single/divorced despite being 10’s. The conversation noted they are getting worse mentally. Girls that were just sorta relationship crazy, clingy, a little weird from age 16-30...
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    CDC stats on HSV-2 (Genital Herpes)

    PSA - I just read this and had to share https://www.cdc.gov/std/herpes/stdfact-herpes-detailed.htm HSV-2 infection is more common among women than men; the percentages of those infected were 16% female versus 8% male, among 14-49 yearolds (interestingly 35% of black females are infected-studies...
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    Girls Giving Up at Age 30

    I have several friends and co-workers that are age 30-35 and very attractive but have completely given up on dating. These are all career minded women (CPA, Attorney, MD, etc) and HB8+. They all dated a lot in college and 20's because they are very hot and good people from good families, etc...
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    Fading attraction, chemicals, etc

    https://www.quora.com/Why-does-my-ex-look-ugly-after-breaking-up Q: Why does my ex look ugly after breaking up? When I was dating her she appeared to be absolutely beautiful and after we've broken up and I moved on, and I see her on social media, I feel like she appears ugly. Is this...
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    Is Taylor Swift - Borderline Personality Disorder

    This phenomenon really fascinates me. She's hot - HB 8.5-9.0 Feminine, Sexy, Seductive She's turning 27 this month and isn't close to marriage Her life revolves around her two cats - She takes them everywhere and admits to being a "cat lady" She monkey branches from one serious relationship...
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    Would you date Paris Hilton (type)?

    would you date her? Very Hot Sexy Fun Parties a lot Laughs Wealthy fam High mileage Prob crazy/unfaithful but don't know Drugs Avg conversation Sloot
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    Histrionic Personality Disorder

    Anybody date an hpd? Lots of borderline stories but this seems like a different flavor of crazy. Copied & pasted from another site.... Pre-dating red flags: 1. Sexually aggressive 2. Very flirtatious 3. Very complimentary 4. Cryptic warnings from others 5. Beautiful 6. Histrionic personality...
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    How do you pursue without chasing?

    I think this is the BIGGEST QUESTION of getting girls - HOW DO YOU PURSUE, BUT NOT CHASE If a girl is in your social circle, you can run into her frequently/accidentally and play it cool (be a challenge). This works great on college campus when you see her daily without trying! But if you meet...
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    Girls number of partners?

    I hear a lot of guys talk/brag about the number of girls they have slept with but am curious about promiscuous girls. No one ever discusses this but I think some cluster B sloots must have crazy high numbers. The best guys I know were my two roommates in college who were over 100 girls by...
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    "I gotta woman wanna ball all day"

    Great lyrics to this song. Anyone ever caught feelings for someone that turned out to be sloot and hard time nexting? Prob a beta question, but reality.
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    Conclusion: 99% of Unicorns are married by age 26

    I've visited this forum and learned a lot. I believe in the psychology of being a chase, respecting yourself, and that humans want what they can't have... which I believe is essence of this website. After reading so many experiences of guys on here with terrible women, I came to a conclusion...
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    Is this girl Borderline

    I'm new to crazy chicks and stumbled across this website (which is great resource)... Does this sound like borderline personality to you? 1) Solid 9.5. Everyone says 10. 2) 29 years old and chronically single (had a bf of 5 yrs so maybe excusable?) 3) Seems very confident and has tons of...