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    Trayvon Martin discussion

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    Trayvon Martin discussion

    Zimmerman already has a new attorney Bible Belt. I've got to go look up his name and I'll edit it in. Edit: Mark O'Mara is his name. From my understanding of things his initial attorneys were working pro bono for George and were basically volunteers salivating at a chance to take on his case...
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    Trayvon Martin discussion

    My take on the whole thing is a whole lot of bad decisions were made all around. Though legal to carry concealed in Florida perhaps neighborhood watch volunteers while on watch should all embrace a kind of honor system whereby they all voluntarily agree to not wield guns at least while on...
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    Is Prostitution Really so Bad?

    It should be legalized all across the nation but isn't due to Christ lunatics, feminist freaks as well more importantly how the criminalization of it is just another justification as with marijuanna for there to be a large police force (in the states that outlaw it) and encourage people to form...
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    Do women you meet interrogate you?

    No, because I control the frame and turn and walk the other way from such women. Feminine submissive respectful women for me only please. The ONLY reason women interrogate a man or attempt to in my case is because they are trying to find an angle to work to get the upper hand on you but...
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    ARe men more racist then women?

    "ARe men more racist then women?" Yep. Women only care about whats popular and socially acceptable. If hating or loving whatever race makes them cool in society's eyes they will do whatever is popular at the time. Thats really their only concern. The only time there's...
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    Best zombie films?

    If you haven't seen "Land of the Dead" yet I can assure you its worth a watch.
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    Somebody knock some sense into me!

    "I feel like I did the right thing." You did. If you want to be with chicks like this then you have to play by their rules and be as ruthless as they are. You may of been able to beat her at her own game by simply cheating on her some more and letting that be her punishment but a break up...
  9. K

    How do you deal with a friend's ex?

    Warrior is right over all... Though since it sounds like this friend of yours doesn't much matter to you, you might as well end that friendship and knock it out with his ex. In these situations it always comes down to who is more important to have in your life. Your friend or his...
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    My relationship is awesome. Do you too, want an awesome relationship?

    "I would say compromising the sh1t would be better, that way you both can happily smell like sh1t together but then shed that smell for one of roses" Compromise mid relationship doesn't work. A man has to maintain the frame that is to say his way of being from the very beginning of the...
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    break up with a girl due to her health?

    "I'd feel like a total douchebag if I dumped her to the curb." Don't. You've got to watch out for #1 in this life. Ain't no shame in that brother. Women watch out for themselves first too. I read a story on here a while back where some miserable b!tch used a guy for...
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    What kind of music do you listen to?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jelFr894yBk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXNjgYx3SKI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4pqjUgnuz8 This is the kind of music that I listen to. Music can help one maintain a certain unstoppable winning attitude.
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    Ex is contacting again......why?

    Do a forum search to find Metaphysical's "So you just got dumped guide". Read it and then decide what you want to do.
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    great sex..says we should stop?

    "she said he treated her badly and she was sick of it and knew even if she went back it would only be good for awhile, then things would go back to the way they were." Yeah... She SAID that but you have no way to verify that this was in any way true. Chicks lie about this sh!t all the time...
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    Weird: in a relationship with an amazing girl, but still have concerns.

    http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=128517 Have it your way but I think a read of the night time pimp's post is in order. I recommend it for all guys that want to play the noble knight "loyalty" role rather than looking out for #1. 5 year relationship + so called "good girl"= five...
  16. K

    found out girlfriend cheated, would u do this?

    "im a super nice guy to her." And there's you're problem right there. Go read some SunnyD posts on this forum and learn what kind of jerk gets women hot and emulate that. No more of this nice guy f@gg0try. Women don't really want that no matter what they or Dr. Phil say. "the part that...
  17. K

    Do you think my ex had BDP?

    The self injury is a big indicator of it but not all self injurer's are BPD's. What would really be telling for us is if you can confirm this question... Did she have an intense fear of being alone or being abandoned? A true BPD can't stand being in a home or anywhere by themselves. This is...
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    What does "sorry sunshine" mean.

    Sometimes men or women simply have their own personal little phrases they use for various things. She may simply be a goofy chick, an eccentric chick, or a tough grizzled biker chick and with one of these off the wall personality types can come off the wall phrases that don't necessarily...
  19. K

    Quarterly teenage *****fest

    "My dilemma doesn't involve her anymore, but the questions this situation raised in my head. What is the consensus on second chances?" No second chances. A woman only gets one chance to spit in your face with horrific disrespect or cheating and thats the last time a man of worth ever...