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    Choosing signals

    I missed this thread when it first appeared, but really like many of the responses. I personally feel that constantly looking for choosing signals/IOIs or whatever can be a trap, that can cause someone to rationalize not approaching. Eg "She did not show any signals so there's not point talking...
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    Shy on dates, any tips?

    The only way out is through. Keep at it (obviously in conjunction with the advice people already gave you) and will get much better!
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    "I like where we are"--interpretation?

    The flaming has begun :P
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    When to kiss

    Yes, it's very normal in many cultures like the Mediterranean ones. When I first moved to the US I assumed it was the case here as well and proceeded as usual. Needless to say, it did not go so well :P About date kissing, I never had a rule. In all the dates that went well, I could feel it was...
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    what percentage of men don't get nervous at all?

    It's a good point you made about public speaking. I am indeed one of the people that always got nervous speaking in front of crowds. Given, however, that my job demands it, and actually in front of very high-pressure audiences, I have gotten partly desensitized to it. Ever since this happened, I...
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    Blackpill has shut down RSD/PUA. Is this true?

    Now that you mentioned it, I miss the rsdnation forum. Putting some negative things apart, I used to enjoy checking it out once in a while, just like with this one here.
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    Blackpill has shut down RSD/PUA. Is this true?

    I think the first 3 ones are the most important. Btw when I watch any of their latest videos, it's so funny how much of an effort they make not to talk about women. They essentially present a watered down version of classic old game concepts, dressed up as a more politically correct and youtube...
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    Recent observations on Confidence.

    Oh yeah, the old-time classic observation that usually the stupidest people are the most confident..!
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    Blackpill has shut down RSD/PUA. Is this true?

    I think it's pretty clear that the no1 reason they switched to self-development was the metoo-related backlash they faced. They would have totally shut them down, had they not rebranded. Obviously it also worked in their favor, since general self-dev + some woo-woo stuff sells to a much wider...
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    See, the real problem with OLD is that you HAVE to date down

    When I first tried OLD back in 2014, I sucked at all aspects of it, but even then I could sense things were at least decent. As years passed by, my texting game god solid and I got much better at getting dates and some hookups. However, the last couple years at least, things have gone south in...
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    Women who are confident with their Vagina.

    Or, like A Hastily Packed Suitcase? :P Stolen from here
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    Female sexuality in overdrive now that we're reopening

    Yes, I've been thinking of the exact same thing for a while now, and it seems be supported by the evidence I've seen on OLD (which I generally don't think highly of). As my state is opening up and I moved around more, I noticed hungry looks around. But I still have to wait 2 weeks for the damn...
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    Alpha male strategies on YouTube.

    I really laughed when I saw the "interested in a relationship" statement on his profile, because anyone who has watched at least one of his videos knows it's the last thing in the world he would want :P I think his videos convey the fundamental very well, in his one unique thuggish way.
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    What have you achieved during lockdown?

    Yes, they are usually the first lifts that take a hit when training stops, but hopefully, one can recover strength pretty quickly when going back to the gym.
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    What have you achieved during lockdown?

    I got my PhD, which is what kept me going during most of the March-April period. Due to gym closures I switched to home workouts just like most people, and tried to work on my push-up/pull-up skillset. It was fun initially, but I am really starting to miss the gym and looking forward to getting...
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    Meeting/f**king new girls during quarantine

    Yeah agree, that's what I hope to be doing in the coming weeks, more or less. Coupled with the pleasant weather, I hope at least to be able to invite them for a walk/coffee outdoors if they need more time to feel comfortable.
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    Meeting/f**king new girls during quarantine

    Yeah, bumble is pretty good these days. A very high ratio of decent quality girls being responsive there these days. That's where I met with the cute blondie I mentioned previously.
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    Meeting/f**king new girls during quarantine

    I noticed the same thing these days. I deleted tinder back in March, because the quality was horrible, only to reinstall it now due to the quarantine. Still not amazing, but much better than previously, with way more girls being responsive.
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    Meeting/f**king new girls during quarantine

    Here it goes, how do you guys go about your dating life during this period? For those of you that had already spinning plates, I guess you kept seeing them. Good for you! But for the rest of us, it's a little trickier. It's ironic that personally I am at a very good stage in my life, where...