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    Computer science/programming

    I am currently working as a technologist. I’ve learnt JavaSE, JavaEE SPRING etc, C/C++, C#, DotNet, Angular,MYSQL, Oracle and a little bit of everything else. I have a degree in electronics Engineering. I haven’t read much but I saw that you having trouble with Java. Java is not quite...
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    Any advice on my situation?

    There is no pattern you have to squeeze yourself in. Avoid unnecessary chatter ie texts&messages, be clear how you want it. You spin plates she can too. If you can’t handle it don’t play.
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    I broke up a 2 year old relationship

    This was the girl after I went NC on the cam girl if you remember a while back. I’m getting used to this ****.
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    I broke up a 2 year old relationship

    I don’t want to make anyone crazy. Indifference is the thing to do for sure but not to make her crazy but To make it very clear that the things which happened were not good for any of us and I don’t want anything. It’s a lesson for both of us. Also I’ve just realised how much I’ve changed...
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    I broke up a 2 year old relationship

    **Update It is almost more than a week now and I am doing good. She has been constantly trying to get in touch with me. The other day she wrote me multiple emails stating how much we were good together and she can’t live without me etc sending me our pictures . Last night got a call from a...
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    Can you tell me how it is being raised by a single mom?

    I was mostly raised by my mother. My father stays abroad 11months out of 12 and now it is for almost 30years. one thing that I struggled initially a lot and hated Is being fearful of doing normal things and always felt like being taken advantage off. Something I’ve observed in her. Though I no...
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    Lifestyle advice needed

    How do you guys manage working, saving money at the same time have hobbies, wear nice clothes, stay healthy and meet beautiful women? I’m just having a hard time doing it. What is your routine like on weekdays and weekends, a little inspiration needed.
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    I broke up a 2 year old relationship

    After the incident I am actually better now maybe the crying helped me and I don’t feel any anger(weird) I am ready to let this one go. I think holding back just gave me more pain. Time again I forget that women are just what they are no matter how long you be with them it was foolish of me to...
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    I broke up a 2 year old relationship

    I am an engineer by education. This is my first real job after almost 2 years of search. While I was looking for a job I worked at random places to get by. Now I've got this job after countless attempts and my boss expects me to deliver as me being on probation for next 3 more months(if I do...
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    I broke up a 2 year old relationship

    I broke up with my ltr a week ago when my friend saw her at some bar with a guy she works with. She was ignoring my calls and acting weird for weeks. A year ago she was all over me, now I am going through some health issues, gained weight(>10kg) and a new job where I work (>11hrs). I saw the...
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    Best text to setup a second date with this girl?

    I have dated colleagues in the past and it is not really the best thing to do. If it turns out bad and the girl is nuts then you are probably done working over there. If she seems pretty stable and cool about when things go bad. Make a choice. and for the text don't think much, "lets hang out...
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    Do girls ever make the first move on a guy.. or ask them out?

    Yeah definitely they do. You just have to get it going otherwise it ends quickly.
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    Red pill moment

    I strongly believe this is what happened maybe my father did not really give her the affection or attention she needed all this time and she started getting it elsewhere. Maybe he taught she is good but unfortunately it was not true. I won't forget this as my father has sacrificed a lot of...
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    Red pill moment

    Couldn’t speak to anyone about it. So will be sharing something over here: I have always respected my mother, stood by her whenever someone was against her since I was a kid. I just had a conversation with my sister where she just couldn’t hold it any longer and said some things I never wanted...
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    Is She BPD?

    what do you mean by this?
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    Is She BPD?

    Sunday Got a call at 3 a.m from her stating she wants to meet me now and wants to be with me. Her weekend is incomplete without me. I deny. Followed by the following Texts, Her: I hate you Her: I wanted to talk to you something important, i swear. Me: ? Her: i am sober & i wanted to talk to...
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    Do I have erectile dysfunction? Help

    I faced a similar issue a few months back. Too much alcohol, porn and masturbation. Could not get it up at three different times making out. Quit porn, started NoFap. First 3 months, No changes, my condition felt worse and had an urge to check if my penis still works.No relapse. 4 month...
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    OLD First Meeting/Date Tips

    ON DATE Be comfortable, confident and funny! Doesn't matter where you take her, keep it short simple and quick. I personally go out for a drink at a bar and keep it casual. Don't talk about yourself, no one cares. Share some lame jokes and let her tell you how bad they are - Works like a...
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    Is She BPD?

    Yeah will keep in mind !
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    Is She BPD?

    *Update 04-03-2018 Thursday The consistent calls and texts have stop post the lunch meet. I met her Thursday at a birthday party common friend. Had a quick chat with her and the girlfriend. Girlfriend asked me about the 5th date and where did i go leaving her alone. I let her know how she acts...