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    How would you play this?

    Disagreed. LA just overplayed his hand a little and set off all the alarms in the prison break. She’s obviously into him—there’s just obstacles that had to be disarmed before there could be a clean get away. From here, it’s just a matter of time while all the guards settle back down and things...
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    How would you play this?

    You over-escalated without having logistics in place. Instead of texting her to come over, next time try to find a more plausibly deniable way to keep hanging out when you have her in person like inviting her over to keep drinking or maybe taking her to a cheap all night place to grab food and...
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    Best jokes to use when approaching a girl?

    What makes YOU laugh? If you go up to a girl needing her to react a certain way, you've already given up the frame. You're already trying to qualify yourself. Instead, focus on expressing YOURSELF and making the interaction fun and engaging for YOU, and she'll fall into that frame. Most of the...
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    What do you guys think about this line?

    Super lame lol. As a man, NEVER apologize for your desires. You’re gonna try to save face cause some little girl doesn’t like you? She doesn’t even know you, bro. Rejection is part of being a man. Failure is part of being a man. The only thing that matters is how you bounce back. Stop trying to...
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    First Date, no Bang or Kiss. Do I Next Her?

    Lol. This is just flat out wrong. If you're living in the western world (and probably most everywhere else these days), you can pretty much assume that every girl you meet has fvcked a guy she just met/will fvck a guy she just met/or would be open to it in the right circumstances with the right...
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    Advice on how to overcome some shi..y feelings

    This isn't bad game. It won't work for every girl in every situation, but he's showing intent, entitlement, and he probably doesn't cave when he gets pushback. Just because it doesn't "logically" make sense based on your value system and social beliefs, doesn't mean girls won't respond to it...
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    Advice on how to overcome some shi..y feelings

    You're ego got in the way, but you already know that. First a breakdown of your interaction (my commentary is in bold), then we'll get into mindsets. So you blew it here, but girls are doing you a favor when they sh1t test you. They are shining a light on where your insecurities are, and once...
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    Knowing Her Relationship Status at Night

    I’d say for your first year or 2, approach anyway. The idea that some guy is going to come out swinging is keyboard jockeying—worst case I’ve ever seen is a buddy get pushed. Usually a simple, “Hey, sorry bro. I didn’t know you were together. You’re a lucky guy. Have a good night,” and you’re...
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    I built it, they didn't come

    When "netflix and chill" was still a thing in 2012/2013, it was a socially savvy euphemism and Tinder was a hookup app--so you have girls who are self-selected for being horny choosing guys based mostly off of looks and the whole experience was novel and trendy. But even then, it was a...
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    I built it, they didn't come

    What can you do to stack the odds in your favor? People tend to date within their immediate social environment--and actually meeting someone is a prerequisite for dating in general. Age isn't as big of a factor as proximity--plenty of girls like older guys, some don't, it's whatever--but if...
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    Is this normal?

    Ya, it's definitely a mindfvck coming off a breakup, especially when you're used to getting good responses from women hotter than what you can pull online. You're almost always better off approaching women in real life.
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    I built it, they didn't come

    First, s/o @lostintime for hitting on something important. When it comes to sex, girls don't care what you do for a living, what kind of car you drive, how much money you make, what you've accomplished, they don't even care whether you're a good or bad person...they care about how you make them...
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    Learning to become Alpha after being cheated on (long story)

    None of this has anything to do with his wife.
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    Learning to become Alpha after being cheated on (long story)

    @TB24 First, props on taking responsibility. Right now everyone's dogging on you, but you did what you did, your wife did what she did, and here we are. No use beating yourself up about the past. That sh1t's done. What matters is what you do from here. The good news is you can change who you...
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    What are your boundaries?

    Gotcha. So if you're not exclusive, something like that just doesn't matter. But if you were and she does something you don't like, you could just say, "Hey, no hard feelings. But I'm not interested in dating a girl who's friends with her exes." Or whatever the case may be. But then it's also...
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    What are your boundaries?

    I think the idea of "boundaries" can lead to a slippery slope, full of control and paranoia and premature rejection on one end of the spectrum and compromising self-respect and self doubt on the other. I keep it really simple and it's not something I ever really overtly communicate and it's...
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    Best indicator of interest level: Compliance or Initiation?

    For starters, I've cautioned him about what resources he's looking into based on 1.) What worked for me 2.) What matches up with my experiences and 3.) What's free. Sex sells and I'm sure PUA marketing stuff has set a lot of weirdos doing weird sh1t. To me, almost everything comes back to...
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    Best indicator of interest level: Compliance or Initiation?

    Cool, now that this thread is back onto productive footing let me throw in my 2 cents. For the record @stormrider, I agree with 90% of everything you write--which is why I take the time to challenge the 10% I disagree with. And the reason I do that is because I'm specifically interested in guys...
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    Validation allergy

    You're taking it too far. Validation is free. It doesn't cost you anything. Who the fvck cares if some AW uses you for validation? Her loss. What's more important to you, how randos perceive you or results? The higher value you are, the more you'll have to focus on giving more comfort (i.e...
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    Best indicator of interest level: Compliance or Initiation?

    Bro, you can talk to anybody anywhere for any reason without coming from a frame of lower status. You can even want to sleep with a girl and make a conscious decision to lead the interaction in that direction without coming from a frame of lower status. No one's saying to go up to girls with...