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    Is "good luck" a soft no?

    One piece of advice has served me well since landing here... Anything other than a "yes" is a "no" Depending on the context of the situation, I will reduce further interactions or withdraw completely.
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    Ok, you asked for it: My Workout Regimen (98% of you won't do it)

    Thanks for sharing the routine!
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    First Date, no Bang or Kiss. Do I Next Her?

    Agreed. Good way to explain it. Feels a bit thirsty going for it right away. And of course it's not a black or white issue. There's certainly nuance to understanding how she acts during the encounter and leading up to it. But... Generally speaking, it seems like holding back a bit and making her...
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    First Date, no Bang or Kiss. Do I Next Her?

    When dating, I usually escalated on the first date, but sometimes it felt out of place. I'm. Curious on your reasoning to not escalate?
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    Crazy OLD experience...first time this has happened...

    You set a date last Friday for this Monday (8/31)? Why didn't you just leave it at that? Either she shows up or she doesn't. This is of course after you've confirmed an hour or so prior to the date. I personally don't engage with them much prior to the date unless they reach out, or if I have...
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    How to get a programming/developer job without a degree

    I'm looking to learn. I have some ideas about creating an Uber like platform for public education. What is the right language for that?
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    The audacity of another b1tch

    Hilarious! Maybe a bit early in the interaction for that approach though.
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    Why do men on sosuave want to get married?

    In a traditional sense, marriage provides stability and permanence. Having a large gathering in front of many people, then putting it into law or religion provides that layer of permanence. That is the goal anyway... The civil rights movement and welfare state basically ****-canned that whole...
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    Does your reputation precede you?

    Sounds like they are jealous, good for you! Better to be the man that is admired than the admirer. To your point though, it likely depends more on your landscape. In the Bay Area, there is almost 10 million people, and my dates ranged from San Francisco to Pleasanton to Oakland, which are about...
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    What IS a Quality Woman?

    Many things can be listed which are effects of a quality woman (e.g. low partner count, tattoos, etc). What you need to really evaluate is her consistency with her values. Determine the things she values either by her words or actions, then determine if her unconscious actions are congruent with...
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    Tomi Lauren is fed up with players who consider her to be a plate

    Sounds like she used all her ride tickets on the carousel... Poor little girl
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    how to stop girls wanting to be your girlfriend? Jealousy

    Quality women have no interest in being a side piece or part of a rotation. If you show them what they can have, they will move mountains to be with you...
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    Continuous Improvement vs Comfortable In Current State

    As you seek to improve each piece of your life, when do you feel the most alive and invigorated? Think about women Then think about money Then your career Then your status It is the pursuit of each of these when your life feels the most purposeful, positive, and alive. Once you've attained a...
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    starting life after college, any advice?

    Indeed. Don't get oneitis. There are many great companies out there. I always wanted to work for Google. Well, I worked there a year and quit. For everything that is good about it there is plenty of bad, and culturally, it's not a good fit for me. But even while there, I always sought better...
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    starting life after college, any advice?

    Let's see... 1. A job is like a woman, one foot is always out of the door 2. Always keep your resume up to date 3. Get proficient at as many skills as possible 4. Calculate your hourly rate, not your salary. For example, a $60,000 salary where you work 50 hours a week pays $23/hr. A $40,000...
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    Roober growth journal

    Well, It has been a while with COVID, and it sort of just put things on hold. I don't really have excuses as I have whittled my time down at work to ridiculously low and efficient levels. Twitter has certainly become a new addiction of mine, and I really need to just stop. I suppose it is that...
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    When she pulls back.

    When she gets cold, you go Sub-Zero!
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    Why do girls not want to break up directly?

    I think the bolded is a much larger reason than anything else offered on this thread. Just take a moment to think about how many men here on SS commit cringeworthy acts when they get dumped? Its no wonder women ghost men... Many men get absolutely crazy when they get dumped/ghosted/or cheated on.
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    I have really big depression

    There are many natural remedies for bouts of depression. I would suggest that you get a chemical test, can't remember the name, to see if it is biological or psychological. If you're levels are mostly normal or "within range", then try the following... 1. Remember that men go through stages as...
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    Should I break up with my gf (30) for being a brat?

    I can't comprehend sure how ghosting a woman for three weeks even qualifies as a relationship... And while it is unfortunate with your family, every person with a cell phone understands how long it takes to send a text message, pick up the phone, or even email...