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    Walden leaves sosuave.

    Gentlemen I need to get off this site for a while I'm working real hard on improving my PUA skills lately and a lot of the stuff I'm reading (on some other sites) is really focssed on that. What that means is , when I come here I get frustrated by guys who aren't as focussed as I am on...
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    Walden gets off sosuave.

    Gentlemen I need to get off this site for a while. I'm working real hard on improving my PUA skills lately and a lot of the stuff I'm reading (on some other sites) is really focssed on that. What that means is , when I come here I get frustrated by guys who aren't as focussed as I am on...
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    FR: Walden destroys an AMOG.

    Aaah the after action report. A massive contingent from AK lair hit downtown tonight , Float then up to the Met. Float was quiet but the first thing everyone said was "hey check it out , no more smoking in bars" Awesome! James, Nick Allan and a guy whose name I missed showed up at float...
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    FR and Review: Wallking around downtown listening to Shark : Basic Playboy

    Opportunities for street sarging today were mediocre. I'd gotten up and had transferred shark's CD to my MP3 player and we nt to town listening to it. The first mission was to use direct phone game on a girl that blew you off. Unfortunately for me this worked very well. I got a girl who had...
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    FR: Walden plays with direct approaches.

    ...Snip from my LJ... Today in Auckland was a drizzly grey skies day , heavy humidiity , occasional rain, possibility of HBs 100% (hey it is Auckland). Saturday sarging. Got up at Imys place and went into the city. For a half hour I couldn't get started till I decided to do 6 appraches...
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    FU Report: HB_Singhe

    Ahh first F*** Up report in a while , expect more. I was at the gym a bit late ie I only had five minutes to kill before class. I went into the mall to check my bank balance and saw a real live , dyed in the wool unaided natural HB9 (18ish , eastern descent , cute as a button). This threw me...
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    FR: Walden's first Direct Approach

    6:53 pm This morning I tried my first direct appraoch . Backstory was I saw a cute girl on the train she had a nice style and was giving it the big Lonewolf predators eyes checking guys out. I knew she was sharking and as we got off the train I thought about how I'd do it. Before I had...
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    FR: Walden kills 20 minutes

    After work I shot **** in the corridor in the dorm with two of my buddies. My mate J has just become single and I was telling him about HB_Fiona. He wanted to know exactly how to do a cold opener. For guys who’ve never done one before this seems really hard I splained him about how a good opener...
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    Sarging with my Dad.

    I went up to my dad's to have dinner. He made salad (with fresh peppers) and cold chicken and we decided to go take a walk along the rocky shore by Milford beach. Again the storm was raging up on the beach making for an exhilarating walk. Halfway along a cute brunette , nicely stacked jogged...
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    ATTN: Metaphysikal_Lover

    Sensei , I'd like to ask your advice. A guy I know has a real bad approach phobia like I used to have. He asked me how I got over it , and I told him it was using a mental visualisation trick that I developed. He asked me to tell him how to do it. Thing is I spent a lot of time training...
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    Does Don King worry about his bad breath?

    Who'se posting these we get it already??????
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    FR HB Renee and HB Gina (openers)

    As ever my field reports come from the Gym (15 dead hangs , a number your grandmother could probably do with a head cold). ------------------- I showed up eary for a class yesterday so I went on down to the weight room for some chinups at the bar. On the way thru I saw a heavily made upHB...
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    FR Just a walk in the park (openers).

    HB Jenine. 1100 I was cutting up through Albert Park today and saw a way hot latina girl with bright green eyes and dreads sitting down. I walked over and (consciously using tonality) said "Hey , how's it going , would you mind taking a pic of me with my digital camera? (holding out my...
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    Meeting an 18 yo girl tomorrow night.

    It's the senior DJ forum , I'm trying to keep up with Eric. :D Actually this one was interesting cos I had been messaging and she was continually flaking , so I forgot her, then in a moment of inspriation I send a txt message , just a smiley :) to a bunch of numbers I hadn't called in ages...
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    Undersatnding fear in DJs

    Allright , my name's Mike , I'm a DJ. I have mad f***ing DJ skills and I'm built like a brick sh*thouse but until very recently I was paralysed by a terrifyingly low 15% approach rate. This was massively improved for me when I read (of all things) "On Killing" by Lt Col Dave Grossman. What Lt...
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    What scares you.

    Gentlemen. We've all choked once or twice in the past. You know what I'm talking about : You've seen a girl , wanted to cols approach , gone up to her and choked , mind goes blank you can't hink of what to say and you pull out thinking "D@mn! why couldn't I do that?". I'm curious. In your...
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    Another Walden Challenge...

    5 cold approaches this week , close for names and digits, who's in?
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    Walden's 30.

    Gentlemen (ladies), I have an admission to make. Some of you will have read my Journal in the DJ boot camp. Those who did saw my skills go from absolute total AFC , to DJ status in a few months. Since then I have DJ'ed a bit , but largely rested on my laurels.As such , whilst my skills have...
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    NLP and DJing

    One use of visualisation is to train your subconscious and it takes time to work. THis technique is called anchoring. WHat you do is you imagine a time , as vividly as possible where you were totally on fire , where you did have the confidence to go up to a girl and initiate...
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    Newbie vs senior DJ forums.

    That'd be a great idea an i'd like to amplify it, it's be awesome to divide the DJ discussion forum into a newbie forum and an experienced DJ forum.