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    question for muscular guys...

    just wondering what kind of attitude the muscular guys have in social situations around women -- does anyone try to 'soften' their image and look less intimidating or do you go straight ahead with a dominant attitude? basically, does having a dominant attitude with muscle come off as too...
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    field report

    i ran into this one girl on the stairway at a club in DC, I smiled at her, she smiled at me & i leaned in and introduced myself, while maintaing eye contact & smiling, i bit my bottom lip and LIGHTLY licked my upper lip. i was VERY WELL dressed and conveyed the confidence that lies within. we...
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    think girl i'm with is cheating on me

    OK, my feelings have been hurt in the past....REALLY BAD, no joke not gonna go into it but trust me, it made me bitter toward chicks for life almost. so this girl i've been w/ for about 2 months, very close, doing everything people do in relationships these days...i go away on vacation to see my...
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    Field report - be honest!!!

    Stopped by a friends apartment to meet her friend who she had been trying to set me up with. **** good things ****: 1. smiled a lot 2. looked right into her eyes 3. started kino after about 10 minutes...simple things like touching her knee, lightly caressing her arm, held her wrist to...
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    Field Report - critiques welcome brothers

    Had a blind date on saturday. Kept it light, got some sushi in DC. I'll just go over some things i may have done wriong, along w/ a self critique. possibly bad things: 1. Didn't open the car door for her when i picked her up (big deal) 2. Was indecisive with dinner plans...i asked her if...
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    could kill this b*tch

    I'd been hooking up w/ this girl for a few weeks. Once a couple weeks ago she borrowed some DVDs (Dave Chappelle, Family Guy, the Ring). I called her today and asked to pick them up. she said OK and asked to borrow another...aside from that she probably knew i was going to pick them up and never...
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    Girls w/ headphones at the gym...

    There's a girl at the gym who i think has a mutual attraction for me but she normally has headphones on...any clue how to get past the headphones w/o interrupting her workout? they're normally on her head but i don't think she has the volume up all the time.
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    Met 2 girls at a club last night

    And i got both of their #'s. I was in total alpha mode last night. One wants to hang out tonight...the other wants me to call her today before she goes to work. Should I set up a time for a date w/ the 7pm girl. she was really into me, i'm confident she'd say yes. think that's a good move?
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    Girls on lines at stores

    So i'm at Baja Fresh, I place my order and walk around the partition to pick it up and there's this HB 8 waiting too...she gives me a double take -- I smile, she smiles -- and I take a seat next to her as she stands...perfect distance for talking but I DID NOTHING AS USUAL!! I felt that if I...
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    random girl at the gym

    So it's early friday night and i'm at the gym & there are more girls than usual for a friday. I'm at one corner doing EZ curls and a transient/non-regular girl uses a machine next to my bench. i check her out and i casually notice she checks me out through the mirror. she does 3 sets at this...