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  1. logicallefty

    How strict is your state about masks?

    Well if what you say is true then they better keep police around to enforce it huh?
  2. logicallefty

    How strict is your state about masks?

    Yes, it will be because of the media. If you know of any specific executive orders, staff appointments, laws enacted, etc that one candidate is planning on doing to stop Covid please share.
  3. logicallefty

    Sometimes women are mean or treat you bad because your attractive

    When she’s highly attracted to you, you can do no wrong. When she’s not that attracted to anymore or never was, you can do no right.
  4. logicallefty

    How strict is your state about masks?

    If one candidate wins the election, Covid cases will start to go down immediately. Then around February-March it will be reported that Covid is gone enough to open the country back to mostly a previous 'normal'. The media might even give this new president credit for saving humanity. If the...
  5. logicallefty

    So I Caught the COVID. Do I Quit my High Risk Job?

    @nicksaiz65 Just go get tested a couple more times. You will get a negative test eventually.
  6. logicallefty

    How strict is your state about masks?

    I made this post on August 23. Still curious to hear what’s going on around the United States and world in regards to people wearing mask. Where I live and work in Illinois South of Chicago you’ve got both extremes going still. Some businesses will not let you in without one and are stricter...
  7. logicallefty

    reddit: 37F Why don't men chase me anymore?

    It’s good to be a man, sux to be a woman.
  8. logicallefty

    Need Moderators? Sign Me Up!

    When I asked that same question the explanation I was given with that sosuave is a breeding ground for right wing extremist. And we need people who hate the place to come and keep us all in check So that the next Timothy McVeigh does not come from here. Again, that is just how it was explained...
  9. logicallefty

    How to tell if their crazy!?

    Every woman is crazy. But some of them are able to keep it under control much better than others. One big red flag I look for are women who blame their problems on somebody else and do not take ownership of any of them. I find that the ones willing to admit their own mistakes also are the...
  10. logicallefty

    Need Moderators? Sign Me Up!

    Kinda funny cuz you and another member have been bickering back and fourth and based on history records we keep on everyone he is now temp banned and you are not. But you have been temporary banned twice in the past so I can promise you your next one is gonna be permanent. I would lay low if I...
  11. logicallefty

    Need Moderators? Sign Me Up!

    Funny guy you. There is a comedian in every pack, I tell ya! :lol:
  12. logicallefty

    Need Moderators? Sign Me Up!

    Not picked yet. We are still going through applications.
  13. logicallefty

    Practising the art of pick-up on ugly girls first?

    My answer to this question which I have answered before in years past is if you do not have the confidence to hit on hot chicks then yes it’s OK to hit on ones that are below what you are actually looking for. I’ve even taking it a step further and said if you don’t have the confidence to hit on...
  14. logicallefty

    It pisses me off

    So if I were a “”protester”” what motivation would I have to drive to a town in another State to damage businesses I have never done business with ?
  15. logicallefty

    Females be brazen these days

    But it’s not her fault she is a POS. Everyone abused her.
  16. logicallefty

    Females be brazen these days

    There is no bottom to the barrel of how low females will go. On anything.
  17. logicallefty

    It pisses me off

    Unfortunately I think you are right about the downfall. It’s happening. But as I said above, the good news is that you have only seen one side causing the downfall. You haven’t seen the other side fighting back. The other side being the biker gangs, rednecks, small town business owners, and...
  18. logicallefty

    Married girl approached me at gym,follows me etc

    Please go read another thread rather then waste your time being a d!ck to our new members.
  19. logicallefty

    What is the best answer in this scenario?

    “Someplace our mothers won’t approve of”