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    This is an academic topic for us normies, but how do you think pro athletes, with their league-enforced "bubbles", would mack chicks?

    do an f-ing google search and you will find plenty of women have "Pro athlete Stories"
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    "Take out the trash"-type nagging

    How would you speak to a colleague about that same thing? Maybe it is TPS reports? Joe, I do them every day. Is there a reason you need them sooner today?"
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    Am I the only one that does not get the hype behind Latinas?

    I live in a County that is 27% Hispanic and the majority of those are Mexican. I can think of only 3 Mexican women I've met who make my putter flutter. Part of it is the class system. Mexicans are more or less "working class". Part of it is the Early maturing nature of Mexican women. They...
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    "Take out the trash"-type nagging

    You can be assertive without being an *******. The article below talks about a mother son relatiuonship but also applies to LTR's . https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/blow-up-your-relationship-with-your-mother-and-get-one-step-closer-to-being-the-man-you-want-to-be/
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    Group thread

    Better thing to do is accept and amplify... "you are right...it's time to move up from the 2.5s... There are things that are off limits in teasing, Family members, wives/girlfriends, and vehicles are not to be ****ed with...
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    How to display high value on social media?

    Do group things, with pictures posted on SM where you are tagged in them. This gets you out in front of more people who are friends with the people. Post pictures to your buddies with good looking women as friends. More than once, when I posted a meme or funny video and referenced my buddy...
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    Women that need to be avoided at all costs.

    something I wrote a few years ago... How to be an attractive woman 3/4/2016 Smile. Because you feel like it. Wink Call me by a nickname. Babe, Darlin’ Hon, Sweetie. Doesn’t matter Be Happy Believe in yourself Tell people you believe in them Keep your promises Eliminate the words “I...
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    Women that need to be avoided at all costs.

    I notice there is no thread on "Things to look for in women" and how to invest yourself in a good relationship. https://pics.me.me/if-you-run-into-an-*******-in-the-morning-you-ran-33261566.png
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    I have an over-thinking issue with a 20 yr old who's now latched on to me (so it seems)

    You gotta make a value judgement here. What is her value in your life? Does she have LTR potential ? From your comments it sounds like no. If all she does is get your **** wet, do you really want to fend off the "feelings"? Are you ashamed of her appearance and background so you are...
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    Turning down sexxx?

    Drunk chicks are a boner killer for me. no thanks
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    What are your thoughts about women that are cops?

    I don't think the majority of the posters here could deal with a woman who was a police officer on patrol or investigative unit. ***** shield is Every Day Wear for these women. They can see through BS stories, and work with plenty of capable guys other men might see as a threat. Most of the...
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    Subcommunication: Girlfriend's guy friends

    There is not so much age difference limits, but instead "Borders" Legal drinking age is one of them. When you are on the other side from your LTR you really limit your options. A girl that young is FB material. you can be meeting women old enough to buy you a drink who can rent a car for...
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    What were her intentions?

    "Never say whoa in a horse race" That means when she puts herself in your bedroom, physical escalation needs to occur.
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    Do you think men should try to become "friends" with women as a first step into becoming lovers with them?

    Not the Women you want to have sex with....But familiarity with women and recognizing their patterns and "codes" makes being around women you want to have sex with easier...
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    Stop Looking at Women

    There is nothing wrong with some prolonged eye contact and a good mutual eye fvck.... If you do it right , she will approach you . And It's alright to READ the menu, don't freaking salivate over it and dream about demolishing all the entrees. Add the place to your list of places to visit the...
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    This girl's interest level

    You're screwed. I've never laid a woman I didn't kiss on the first date. Especially when there is travel involved. I guarantee you if she was attracted she would have made DAMN sure she had all your contact information. You didn't offer her any reason to want to be with you again. Good...
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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    Then there was the female bartender I chatted up early on a weeknight. I was travelling for work and had a hotel walking distance from the bar but like a 15 minute walk. I think we started talking about Burning Man or something. She finished her shift then came and sat next to me at the bar...
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    fell for it

    So how does she feel about all the other women giving YOU attention? Is she threatened? Where is your abundance?
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    Situation With Daughter & Her BF

    So removing ALL emotion from it...Your Daughter doesn't like your roommate. If he wasn't dating your daughter, what would you do? Would you tell your daughter to "deal with it" he's your roommate, or would you tell your roommate he needs to find another place?