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  1. dustmuffin

    P@ssy pass denied reddit

    Go over to Reddit and take a look. Some funny stuff there.
  2. dustmuffin

    Guess what happens when you ignore a girl you have had relations with

    Girl I screwed about 2 years ago sent me a message wanting to meet up. So I tried to set something up and she ignores me. Then she sends a text asking if I want to get together even if she is unshaved. I ignore. This was about a month ago. Then she sends me this mess.
  3. dustmuffin

    Need Advice

    OK, A little background. My mother was a multi-millionaire at one time but squandered most of her money. She has a little left in the family home. She doesn't have any liquid assets and borrows money from me when she is in a tight spot, which is quite often. She recently broke her leg so I have...
  4. dustmuffin

    Don't give up on old

    Got on bumble for the first time in months. I got 7 matches just today. They all messaged me. Have one date set up and working on the rest. It took very little time. Old works for me it can work for you
  5. dustmuffin

    How are you guys going to spend steak and BJ day?

    One of my plates told me she wanted to help me celebrate steak and BJ day. Thats march 14. It is supposed to be the male version of valentines day. She is taking off the whole day as am I. She will suck my d ick all day and give me all of the orgasms i can handle. Then in the evening she will...
  6. dustmuffin

    They always come back....

    First my ex and now a f uck buddy that ghosted me for a month. I asked her out and she didn't reply. Now she says that she missed my text and am I doing ok. I think she found new d ick and it didnt work out for some reason. Now she wants me back. I am down with that. It was good no strings...
  7. dustmuffin

    Guess who wants to meet for dinner?

    The girl that sent me here 2 1/2 years ago wants to meet me for dinner. She has a veterinary conference in my town. She lives about 100 miles away. She also wants me to pick her up at her hotel. I told her I would let her know. I'm thinking I should just go out to dinner, have a good time and...
  8. dustmuffin

    Interesting Date

    Plate invited me over for dinner. She lives on a farm outside of town. Her parents have a house about 600 yards from hers. Anyway we are eating and hear a gunshot. She texts her dad and finds out that he just shot a deer. So we eat and wait for him to follow the blood trail and find the deer...
  9. dustmuffin

    A strange turn of events......

    Ok been screwing this girl once a week for a couple of months. We had a date scheduled for yesterday. So the day before the date she texts me she has to cancel. I told her fine contact me when she is available. She then said that she wouldn't be available because she met some guy that wanted...
  10. dustmuffin

    For all of the old guys in the USA that have ED problems......

    I just got my first shipment of cialis from big mountain pharmacy in canada. It cost 212 dollars for 80 pills. I have paid 300 bucks for 10 pills before. Don't know the US going rate but I'm sure it can't come close to canadian pricing.
  11. dustmuffin

    Got a date from FB and Girl is paying my way to Paris.

    Ok troops, A girl on fb sent me a friend request. I accepted because she was local and cute. She made a comment about one of my pictures. I decided to send her a private message and ask her where I knew her from. She said that I had come up in her suggested friends list and that I looked...
  12. dustmuffin

    big Neil banned?

    Wonder what he did.
  13. dustmuffin

    FR: First Date Tinderella

    OK, i'll make this short. First date for drinks. Applied kino and made her laugh. Spent $11 on drinks. Asked if she wanted to go to the ferris wheel and she said yes. I suggested that she park at my place and we would drive over. She agreed. We made it to my place and she had to pee. She came...
  14. dustmuffin

    Field Report: I don't give blow jobs, don't do anal and let's discuss how many dates before sex

    Ok fellows, I was on a second date with a girl tonight. She invited me over to her house for dinner. I got over there, eat and retire to the living room to watch TV. We start making out. She stops and says she wants to discuss when it is proper to have sex, which date. I look at her for a bit...
  15. dustmuffin

    My Father is dead.

    The old turd passed recently at 86. Since he was a self centered, selfish, narcissistic turd who played mind games with me, I have shed nary a tear for him. I just picked up his ashes today, I hope he doesn't haunt me. Just a reminder, if you have children be good to them and they will be good...
  16. dustmuffin

    need tips for first date with an Asian woman.

    Ok, I set up a date with a woman from Taiwan. From her messages her English is not that hot. Her conversation skills may be better than her writing. How to procede? Treat her as I would an american? This is my first date ever with an asian. Thanks in advance.
  17. dustmuffin

    F buddy sees me out on a date.

    She texted me that she saw me but didn't want to say hi because I was out on a date. She then proceeds to tell me that we need to meet next week with a kissy emote. I didn't see her or would have given her a big hug and said hello. My date was an attractive woman that weighs about 110 lbs. I...
  18. dustmuffin

    Keep Trying...

    I promised myself that I would stop trying to get new girls. I Had a few drinks and set up three more dates from OLD. You can do it too. Be direct, ask for the date, don't ***** foot around. You are the prize......
  19. dustmuffin

    Interesting interaction

    So.....I went out on a first date with a woman did a kiss close and a few days later asked her out on a second date. She ignored me and a few days later she answers....um I missed this blah blah blah. I ignore. Anyway, I enroll in an improv class and she is in it. She stalks me at class and I...
  20. dustmuffin

    Opinions Pls

    Have been out on two dates with this girl . Very receptive to kino. She has reciprocated. She agreed to meet at my house then today renigs. She was disrespectful on the second date. She flirted with other guys in front of me. So Do I cancel the third date? Is it a waste of time? I am leaning...