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  1. Dash Riprock

    I got "banned" from Hinge

    I’ve been on Hinge for maybe two years. I wasn’t in love with the app but compared to Match, POF, Bumble, I liked it the best. I’ve communicated with a fair number of women on the app (had to message a lot though just to get a few hits), but only met 2-3. One girl I did see for about 2 months...
  2. Dash Riprock

    Develop the courage to make CUTS when needed

    I was talking to an old college friend the other day. He asked if I ever hear from the crazy dog park girl. For more info, read my post from July 2017. I said, no I haven’t—and I never reached out again either. His reply was, “Dash, you know I’ve known you for over 20 years and one thing I...
  3. Dash Riprock

    Are You a Man?

    We all know that women do not like wimpy, milquetoast, lazy, unmotivated “men.” As matter of fact, they despise them. The problem (for women anyway) is that there are more and more “men” of this caliber for them to choose from. This is actually good news though for the actual “men” out there...
  4. Dash Riprock

    Need a volume EQ app for my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone

    DJs: Looking for recommendations on a good equalizer app for my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ for leveling out the volume when I play Pandora, Google Play, or Spotify. I created a playlist on Google Play a few days ago and some tracks were much louder than others. Annoying because I'm always turning...
  5. Dash Riprock

    Dating gets much better for men as you age. Read on...

    I was going to post on @MatureDJ thread about A 30 something comes to a harsh realization but just decided to start a new post as what I have to say is important to the younger guys. I know a lot of you guys are young, but your dating prospects don't dry up and the world doesn't end at 30. It...
  6. Dash Riprock

    Poor quality Western diet kills sperm count and lowers male testosterone, study says

    I say this with brotherly love of course but -- Get your collective fat asses off the couch, ditch your dumb as f*uck video games, put down the chips, beer, pizza, and ice cream and get out and MOVE! Poor quality Western diet kills sperm count and lowers male testosterone, study says
  7. Dash Riprock

    Are you in love or just high on chemicals in your brain? Answer: Yes

    The reasons why men and women make really dumb decisions in the early stages of a relationship or even when dating: Are you in love or just high on chemicals in your brain? Answer: Yes I think these legendary 80's rockers said it best:
  8. Dash Riprock

    "Game" - defined

    As a kid, everyone knew a guy who was a really good fighter growing up. Maybe not a bully, but you've seen him take guys much larger down and pound them. He had that certain "something." He just knew instinctively how to throw punches, counter, wrestle, etc. He was a "natural." It's the same...
  9. Dash Riprock

    Turning a NO into a YES

    Been chatting with a hot 30 year old blonde online (dating app) and via text for about a week. Text her yesterday saying I'd be close to where she worked so let's get some food, drinks, and have a few laughs at a place I know after work. Initially, she accepts, then goes dark, then comes back...
  10. Dash Riprock

    Crushing defeat

    This is more of a vent. I can be a highly emotional competitive guy. Competition and winning and the quest for valor is in my DNA.Think: Brett Favre. I've been a Chicago Bears fan since I was 4. I'm a die hard Bears mega fan. It's been 8 years since they were even in the playoffs. Today, the...
  11. Dash Riprock

    Idea for New SoSuave Forum

    I wish this site would revert back to the days when it was a solid forum for dating advice. And at one time is was. But, a forum like this is as good as its members. Not full of insults to newbies, by surprisingly, some long-time and high post-count SS members. Yes, tough love is often the...
  12. Dash Riprock

    The often misused term: "Alpha"

    There's a lot of talk on SS about being "Alpha." I see commercials on TV for "Alpha" supplements that will boost testosterone, etc. There's even a movie out now called "Alpha" though I think it's more about a wolf befriended by a boy--which brings me to my point: Being Alpha is not bad thing...
  13. Dash Riprock

    "Hypergamy" is WAY overblown on this board

    I was initially going to post a reply to the "Do women care about what car you drive??" post but I read so much about "hypergamy" my thoughts warrant a separate post. So as you read, "car" also means expensive material possessions. This is based on decades of dating experience. And women...
  14. Dash Riprock

    My "Sh*it Test" for Women

    I've developed a solid Sh*it Test I have been giving women recently to determine if they are worthy of my time and/or are date-able: 1- I don't chase women--EVER. I usually engage online, message a couple times, get their number to text, and ask them out fast. If they accept: PASSED 2- On the...
  15. Dash Riprock

    Dating after 40 - two years worth of observations on HB8+'s

    After dating a lot for the past couple years now, I've found hot women, HB8+'s are simply not worth my time. Sure, I'll hangout with them and maybe even have sex with them but my expectations and subsequent efforts are VERY LOW. It used not to be this way, but recent events and movements...
  16. Dash Riprock

    "Online Dating Sucks For Men Because Of Women Like Me"

    A must read for anyone currently doing or considering OLD: http://www.rolereboot.org/sex-and-relationships/details/2013-02-online-dating-sucks-for-men-because-of-women-like-me The author is very candid--and 100% correct. I personally will never do OLD again.
  17. Dash Riprock

    Plate is baiting me HARD

    This experience may help some SS newbies; Met this girl via OLD a couple months ago. 33, very hot, model, probably HB8+. We hit it off and I told her I'm not looking for a girlfriend or LTR. I'm NSA and FWB only. But, I told her I do enjoy treating to dinner, theater, events, trips and like to...
  18. Dash Riprock

    Top 5 Red Pill Men - Who are yours?

    We all should have, and are never too "old" to have, goal models. So here are my top 5 Red Pill MEN (not f*ukcing "boys") of All-Time (Criteria: passion, masculinity, IDGAF attitude, leadership, integrity, their own man, legacy, physical game/mental game): 1- Brett Favre 2- Clint Eastwood 3-...
  19. Dash Riprock

    Tony Robbins goes off on #MeToo Movement

    Tony Robbins went off on #MeToo at one of his recent events and now faces a backlash. CNN story: https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/09/us/tony-robbins-apology-metoo/index.html He has NOTHING to apologize for. He spoke the truth. I think his PR people told him to apologize to shut these biaatches up...
  20. Dash Riprock

    PA cloud has moved in...WTF?

    Hey Mature SS Posters, This is a bit difficult to post but I'd like some feedback--positive comments/advice only please. I was in a 9-year relationship that ended about 2 years ago. Have been dating for about the last year and a half. I never had a problem with PA (performance anxiety) with 9...