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  1. FruitLoops

    Need help

    I recently went out with a girl i had been talking to for some time. It was our second time going out. Throughout my interactions with her from thw beginning i had made myself clear ( in an indirect way) about my intentions about dating and all. Anyways, our date went perfectly well, we enjoyed...
  2. FruitLoops

    Dealing with female employee

    How should one deal with a female employee who constantly undermines your authority in front of your staff? This question is inspired from a situation I witnessed at a restaurant where the female assistant manager used to sometimes even scold the manager in front of the staff and would always do...
  3. FruitLoops

    Talking to an introvert girl going through recent breakup.

    I have this girl in my class, recent breakup (5 months, give or take). I have talking to her a bit, she doesnt talk much. She mostly stays within herself, barely talks to anyone in class. She is a good friend of one of my female friends in my class, from whom i got to know about her recent...
  4. FruitLoops

    What are the tips for being better at plumbing?

    I have heard a lot that one should know about the plumbing. Are there any tips one might share for being better at it. What women like in bed? How do you satisfy them?
  5. FruitLoops

    "Why you get ****ty results"-post on reddit.

    I came accross this post on reddit by trengod this other day and this really sums up why we get bad results. Thought i would share and would certainly like to hear your opinion.
  6. FruitLoops

    Talking to introvert girl

    I have recently started talking to a girl in my school. She is not in my class. So i have only been able to chat on fb and met her once in school. The problem is that when i talk to her, she simply makes the chat look like an interview. She would simply answer my question and then nothing. If i...
  7. FruitLoops

    Woman not Dating immigrant

    I have heard a lot of my immigrant friends in Canada tell me that women here dont date immigrants. I want to confirm the authenticity of this statement. Is this true that women in western country especially in canada, would not date an immigrant?
  8. FruitLoops

    Loyalty vs Spinning plates

    So, i now understand that spinning plates is important from various aspects. It helps you not sulk if one of the girls leaves you and it helps ypu vet for potential mates. But what i want to know, especially from ones who are spinning plates, isnt this a type of cheating on your partner. I am...
  9. FruitLoops

    Need suggestion

    I have been dating a cougar in her 40s. We meet once a week. However recently she has been cancelling up on me a lot. Like its the third time in a row she has cancelled. I am not the one who makes plans to meet. She does and then something happens. Recently she fell down the stairs and hurt...
  10. FruitLoops

    Dealing with doubts about your girl cheating on you

    I am not sure if the others feel skeptic and doubtful sometimes about their girlfriend or their partner cheating on them. I have had these doubts when my girl would cancel plans with me or would take forever to respond. I am not sure if these doubts are justified or not. But my question is how...
  11. FruitLoops

    Asked out a random chick and she said yes

    So this is the first time i chatted with a random girl at bus stop. Conversation was pretty simple. She is new in city and i asked if she had visited places around, to which she said no. So i ended up asking her out and she gave me her number and said that she might be working this weekend...
  12. FruitLoops

    How to deal when women start to discuss their problems with you?

    Quite often we find ourselves in situations where women starts to discuss their life problems and all the issues going on in her life. My question is, how do you deal with it. More precisely what do you say? I know one should not be her psychotherapist and start to solve all her problems...
  13. FruitLoops

    Girlfriend wants to take break

    I have been dating my coworker for past 3 months. Today i was a little angry at her. While i was explaining her my reason for being pissed off, she out of nowhere started talking about breakup. She said things were less complicated when we were just coworkers. While it is the first time i...
  14. FruitLoops

    Getting over girlfriend's sexual past

    Here is a background: I am currently dating my coworker. While i was at her place last night she said she wanted to be honest with me and told me that before we got together, last year during the christmas party at work she had sex with one of the coworker (who i know and work with him) at her...
  15. FruitLoops

    What to do when women start to distance themselves?

    Many a times some of us have come accross this situation where things seem to be going fine with your woman but all of a sudden she simply distances herself and start to take more time to respond to texts or in some scenarios even sometimes ignore texts. How should one deal with such situation?
  16. FruitLoops

    Need advice

    I am new here so i am not sure if it's right thread to post. So i have been out with this girl twice and she seems really nice. She has recently been out of serious relation, about 5 months. At the end of the date she would kiss me and would hug me and do all stuff. But the issue is she wouldnt...