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  1. Spaz

    Knowing what ur WhatsApp text messages means - by women.

    Some guys might be absolutely clueless when girls send off simple yet meaningful msg via text. This might help you. Here's a few and others could chip in too. 1. Good morning and good night texts = girl has a crush on you, she might not even know it or she's directly hinting it to you, either...
  2. Spaz

    Take advantage of covid 19 lockdown - Free courses

    Here's a link that might be useful for many here, a short course, once the pandemic has lifted, you'd be in a better position then your peers. https://online-learning.harvard.edu/course/entrepreneurship-in-emerging-economies?delta=0 There's other courses, have a look at what fancies you...
  3. Spaz

    Business during Covid 19: Cash flow, Cost and Credit

    If u own a business, the above title will be on ur mind as it does in mine, as to how best juggle it all and at the end balance it. Sharing as much as I possibly can as it's all ongoing and very fluid. I own businesses in pretty much of SEA, small and medium scale, nothing big. In Thailand...
  4. Spaz

    Covid 19 experience by Spaz

    It's alarming to see a few postings here that downplays a pandemic. Whislt there is no point being an alarmist, we have to be practical with the information we have on hand by acting responsible - that by itself is a hallmark of masculinity. I've personally know of men as young as 35, in...
  5. Spaz

    Epstein part 2 from the blocked thread

    Aside to the Mods, do me a favor and let's see where this leads. My original question still remains unanswered for most part, well it did elicit being labelled a pedo lover or something along the lines of a woman hater. Here's the question that's got some sensitive people all excited: Do...
  6. Spaz

    Banned in Loveshack.org

    Finally I was convinced to share my thoughts on that site by some of my real life buddies, in particular at one thread and then decided to post another 3 that I think deserves some good ol' Spaz perspective. And I got banned, mind you I was being extra diplomatic since I'm a newbie, but...
  7. Spaz

    The Expressive Men - Spaz Insights

    Once more it's early in the morning in my part of the world and we'll make do with hand drawn graphs to further illustrate these personality traits within certain man and how they can benefit from it. The typical graph of Expressives. Well known personalities that's born into this quadrant...
  8. Spaz

    There's NO such thing as the Feminine Imperative - Spaz version

    As the title suggests, it's the female imperative (not feminine) ONLY when she's alone or in a relationship whereby male leadership/influence has failed or is lacking. It will then manifest into the dark side of the female imperative. And there's nothing feminine about it. Remember that. It's...
  9. Spaz

    Redskinfan92 - Physical makeover

    This is the photo you gave me @redskinsfan92 . Let's allow the forum to add their input. Edit : Original pictured removed until permission granted by Redskinfan92. 2nd edit : picture now reinserted.
  10. Spaz

    A Plate - Spaz version.

    I've noticed quiet a few disagreement recently in the meaning of a plate. As the title suggests, here's my version; A plate is a woman who is basically your orbiter - someone you fvck and toss aside until the next fvck. If u r not fvcking her, she is not a plate. If u r emotionally...
  11. Spaz

    European Army

    Russia, France, Germany and UK should ideally create one. All the above countries can leverage on their industrial military infrastructure thereby reducing R&D and being a coherent political/military force to better counter China's military rise.
  12. Spaz


    It's with great interest that I've observed many labelling themselves as either Right or Left. But how does that future-proof you as a man? I suggest that politics-linked mindsets be replace by development-linked mindsets, to take away the politics. Politics are actually antithesis to...
  13. Spaz

    Anthony Bourdain suicide

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/08/us/anthony-bourdain-obit/index.html Here's a guy that's basically has it all, fame, money, looks etc. Commits suicide. Any thoughts on why men in increasing numbers going that route?
  14. Spaz


    Many might not agree with me here, I see a very smart man who knows how to use power effectively and takes risk well. The US is lucky to have him as President.
  15. Spaz

    When 2 dump a woman..

    To much focused is placed in how to keep a woman happy/attracted, OLD, ONS, plates, bedding her, etc. I think you get my drift here. What is never or almost never discussed is when to dump a woman. So how does one knows when to let a woman go? For me, i'll let her off when I feel she's...