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  1. ChristopherColumbus

    Are We All Hedonists Today?

    Would it be a heresy to suggest that sex is largely over-rated today, that it has become the raison d'etre of our existence? The best of this world has been built by men who had risen above their biological urge in the pursuit of a rational desire, where the betterment of the self coincided...
  2. ChristopherColumbus

    Couldn't Find the Old Trump Thread

    Looks like a storm's about to break in the US over the 'Helsinki Summit'. The alpha has gone full on rogue... ha ha ha ha ha
  3. ChristopherColumbus

    The Eclipse of Civil Society by Technology

    I just noticed a new app developed, which can report any incidence of sexual abuse in real time. A good thing no doubt, yet with larger ramifications - what exactly are the lines to be drawn between sexual abuse, sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, flirtation, and... approach? A previous...
  4. ChristopherColumbus


    Mastery begins with self-mastery. And yet too many guys are looking only for mastery over women, which leads to a thirstiness and the chasing of women. An approach that is in the end counter-productive. True mastery, even mastery over women, requires mastery over the self first.
  5. ChristopherColumbus

    The Cultural implications of O.L.D. Versus Real Life Approach

    OLD puts women in the driving seat. They are the consumer, and men are an endless line of products for eye-shopping and consumption. Real Life Approach [re] flips the script. Now, real masculine/ feminine polarity comes into play. Women may find themselves naturally submissive as the male and...
  6. ChristopherColumbus

    Does this not Pepetuate Everything Wrong with the Internet?

    Does this not just reinforce an insular mindset, and the end of tolerance, where one can just ignore anyone that happens to disagree with them on certain opinions?? Is the internet a double-edge sword, where it has the potential to disseminate information, and yet in practice, everyone will...
  7. ChristopherColumbus

    Approach Anxiety Revisited

    There is approach anxiety, and then there is approach anxiety. In the first, there is a fear to approach women... indeed, out of this distancing and detaching fear, it is called 'approach' as if talking to a women were not the most natural thing to do in life. A man is in his head, and has to...
  8. ChristopherColumbus

    A Masculine Culture toward Women

    With the collapse of the old order, men today need to develop their own personal culture toward women. This will involve a self-determining posture, a setting of boundaries, a set of policies, and a general recognition that we are back in a state of nature between the sexes where life is...
  9. ChristopherColumbus

    The Lazy Man's Guide to Women

    I think most of us would agree that a man does better than to spend a lot of time and effort on women. This is what we all rationally know, and yet time and again we spend too much effort on women. Why? Because our irrational desires gets the better of us. In my opinion, if we could only get the...
  10. ChristopherColumbus

    How was your Vacation? I have a date. : )

    So I get back into town, and text a lady I'd dated a couple of times and get this response [in the header]. Next?
  11. ChristopherColumbus

    The Dating Dialectic

    I take it that many men come here after learning the harsh and painful truths of a history of pandering to women. We put women at the center, and spent our lives revolving around them like a planet around the sun. We put women on a pedestal, and suffered the consequences. Yet, it is our...
  12. ChristopherColumbus

    The Rider on the Horse

    95% of our perceived problems with women would be solved with libido control. When a man is in control of his libido he is in control of his passions, of his sexual instinct, of his so-called ‘biological imperative’ to reproduce. He is reasonable, he is ordered, he pursues excellence and is a...
  13. ChristopherColumbus

    Another perspectgive on LTRs

    You often hear of men complaining that there are no rules and order to relationships these days, that there is no loyalty. Having been hurt, having been disillusioned, we have decided to adapt ourselves to the prevailing conditions, to become more realistic in our relations with the opposite...
  14. ChristopherColumbus

    The Adventures of Christopher Columbus

    Well, a new entrant here, and I thought I'd make a record of my philandering adventures. Any comments and advice are welcome. I'm a bit older, in my forties, so kind of interested in getting into a relationship. These days, my modus operandi is 'spinning plates light'; I'll meet woman, mostly...