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    Learning to become Alpha after being cheated on (long story)

    You can do whatever the fck you want and you can be the most handsome alpha guy with 0 flaws. If you continue to live with this slvt and even consider that 3some, i can't respect you.
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    my end journey in this game.

    @BeExcellent you always tell us how great of a role Model and masculine your father was but you also admit having tons of men in your life. It seems like you don't have a Problem with such a promiscuos history/Lifestyle. This is not what those Kind of fathers would teach their daughters and...
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    Final nail in the coffin for me, I need to rebuild my life

    I'm 26 and i had a few times more sex but that means nothing man. I also live with my parents. Don't compare yourself to others. Everybody is different. Just decide to be the best version of yourself from now on. If you work towards your goals everyday for a bit, you will get results. As you...
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    Ive fccked 48 girls this year

    Many hookers here have beta bf's. I once talked to one with a bf and she told me that her bf always tells her to quit her job. He is a beta simp but he provides her with other things. ( money, emotional support, protection ). I dont believe that those women really love those guys. They just...
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    Does dating a single mommy help a man develop as a man?

    Problem is those women always try hard so they can make you believe that they are not like majority of single moms. And many guys especially clueless betas tend to believe them. These women play the victim card in order to activate the white knight in men and collect sympathy points.
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    In today's hypergamic dystopia, is there now a Wall for males at age 22, or even 18?

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.etonline.com/news/221278_idris_elba_insists_he_will_never_get_married_again_it_not_for_everybody%3famp Married again 2 years after :D
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    Ive fccked 48 girls this year

    Biggoal made a fake Account.
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    Should men be "grateful" that women allow men to betabux them?

    '' Women are increasingly deciding to be single.. '' Who gives a fck?! Be single then. There are billions of women and even the uggliest fat guy will somehow get a few of them. I would rather bang 1-3's all my life instead of being beta buxx for these CC riders. '' The reality is that if they...
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    Update: ex didn't reply.

    You hate it because it's not telling you what you want to hear. The Author seems fake? :D imo he's one of the most if not the most non-fake person in the community. He only sells his books, makes live videos on youtube with valuable information, he doesn't try to sell people some bs programs or...
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    advice column: I’m a Conservative Woman Who Doesn’t Believe in Casual Sex - I’m horny constantly.

    and that's why Men should make decisions and set boundaries in society, not women.
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    Update: ex didn't reply.

    But what do you want and why do you opened this thread? Is this your diary or do you want to get advice? I saw your last thread and you already got all the advice.
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    Red Pill Germany

    No your argument is bs. I'm german and i only needed to check his Account for a second to see what kind of guy he is. Of course all whites aren't racist. He calls his channel " Red pill germany " and posts about politics etc. Couldnt find one thing about women or intergender dynamics.
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    Red Pill Germany

    He's a fcking racist. His channel has nothing to do with the Red Pill.
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    Relatives son is a complete #**#*#

    She can do nothing. She is messed up and his father is also. Being a nice single mom means nothing. She made the wrong decisions, wrong parenting etc. Nobody else brought him up the right way and everybody including his mom expect him to be a good useful man after he got 16 years old. He is old...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Do you think it's a good idea to wait and see if their opinion changes after they reach out again? Because most times they monkey branch and reach out after the got dumped or something like that. I experienced that they seek security, someone beta they can lean on who tells them how great they...
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    Why mothers raise their sons as beta males ?

    Probably because society or the sisterhood doesn't need so many alpha males. Few are enough for breeding, betas are more valuable for the feminine.
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    Bringing back misogyny and toxic masculinity

    I didn't say nice guys are better. Selfish men are more successfull but they also aren't the perfect type of guy. Women would prefer an " a hole " over a nice guy. But what about someone who can perfectly Balance those 2 sides.
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    Bringing back misogyny and toxic masculinity

    Do you think the reason for this could be the high amount of female worshipping betas we have today? So many men kiss these womens asses and as a result those " selfish "men with dark traits are more attractive to women. This selfish men are rare in comparison to these betas even though they...
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    Getting over a SO's past

    Why should a man commit to a woman if she has a high notch count? I don't understand what could even be so precious she could provide me that makes me want to be exclusive with a girl who slept around. Why all this headache?
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    Are You a Man?

    Why are you so obsessed with defending crazy mentally ill women? Of course a spineless men will allow bad treatment from any women but that doesn't mean that crazy women doesn't exist. A spineless man will get more bullied from crazy women because normal women would just ignore him or ghost him.