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  1. metalwater

    broken wires

    http://www.evolveandascend.com/2017/04/25/top-7-amazing-health-benefits-of-psilocybin-mushrooms/ I have seen multiple sources from different places making claims that this stuff can solve some brain wiring issues. Does anyone have any knowledge about that? Assuming being beta is a brain...
  2. metalwater

    Why do men on sosuave want to get married?

    That is a great question. The wiring gets messed when young. Laws.. we have many laws to prevent or discourage male dominance, and many to encourage female dominance. these laws are put in place by men; but what type of men. initially, it is the kindness of men but then later the niceness...
  3. metalwater

    Women triggered by older men dating younger women

    If it is ok for you; then it would be ok for the girls current guy. if he see it working well for you he might try also the same and dump that older one.
  4. metalwater

    Why Are Foreign Girls so much more friendly?

    close to how I see it. in summary; the girls are not different. the guys status is different for a variety of reasons as result she will behave like we like. sometimes the girl really feels the status diff and goes for it; other times she is just running a calculator. either way looking...
  5. metalwater

    Why Are Foreign Girls so much more friendly?

    the ones that are not scamming are shopping. on a world scale, you are likely on the top shelf as a product. just like on OLD we think it is dominated by the upper 5%. on a world scale you are in the 5%. have fun; keep your red pill books handy and study them often as even the best of...
  6. metalwater

    Best feature film in the history of cimema?

    raging bull he went to the dark side...
  7. metalwater

    Woman discuses how she enjoyed punishing and tormenting her husband. She took pleasure in his pain.

    good list, social circles. number one way to find women is in social circles. everyone agrees. The number one way to have women issues is from social circles; we don't talk about that one much. and work... but that is just another social circle complete with built-in status and...
  8. metalwater

    Do alpha widows ever get over the alpha?

    I have a number of friends that are mid 40 with 30ish (pre wall) and its ok. the girls like the guys or at least mostly behave and at 45 most of the 20 to 35ers don't challenge them.. much... the ones that go younger end up in **** most of the time. the guys can GET almost any they ask...
  9. metalwater

    Do alpha widows ever get over the alpha?

    agree w/ on this. 15 or 20-year diff can work, not supper easy as it sounds. it sounds great as a plan; lots of details. it is fine and fun as an experiment. It might be cool for a few years and then a season of life changes for one or both. knowing it will happen, is different than...
  10. metalwater

    Do alpha widows ever get over the alpha?

    leading to the question of what the hell exactly is alpha. there are certain vibe and behavior that will never work for you that will work for someone else; and they might tell you that what they do is alpha. you can read the definition of alpha; and in pure sense the basic definition is...
  11. metalwater

    article: Why PUA ultimately failed

    actually many have a hard time accepting their own greatness. as soon as they do; others also see it. every time.
  12. metalwater

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

  13. metalwater

    Worst Dating Advice

    she had that conversation with you....
  14. metalwater

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    I don't fit any of those... I think it is interesting how some and some groups can so completely miss the reasons for things. it becomes a problem for others when the group is large. it is just sad (but interesting) when it is just a few or less. Your viewpoint is valuable; as you don't...
  15. metalwater

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    that girl is a bit good looking ?
  16. metalwater

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    I know. the last several have each had issues albeit different issues. Undisputed superpower for a long time. The immense power is simply overwhelming with just subdivisions able to topple entire other countries. Some of the internal states would already be a world power on its own. All...
  17. metalwater

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    it is the result of even the poor ppl having enough and stability for several generations. there is still power for another generation.. the next ones I don't know... every empire has a finish... even this one. I hope not yet. to put it into perspective.. when I was a kid we thought...
  18. metalwater

    BLM, Racism, riots, entitlement's etc

    it is a 100,000-foot view of this stupid issue. we all in this together... if there was really a war; it is a slaughter as there is a huge difference in ability and resources. but we all in this together, focus on value instead of stupid stuff and we all gonna be stronger. if I got it...
  19. metalwater

    Worst Dating Advice

    the idea is that girls will want sex with you right away if she likes you and not want to wait(some do; some don't). Similar to what men want. The kicker is that we want to believe that girl is only that way with us and not a bunch of others. is there a case where she wants to but doesn't...
  20. metalwater

    How to initiate dread in the post-cvoid world

    Looks like most of the advice on this thread is pretty solid; comeing from a variety ages, countries, and experience. Mentoring about something sets up a viewpoint of you. Usually when someone mentors another the admiration and maybe respect increased dramatically. They go from being...