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    sex performance

    This site is truly going downhill!
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    Lost feel for women..what now

    Seems to be a recurrent problem on this board. Why would you like those others post about it?
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    Acts of Multipimping

    Oh yeah I feel ya.
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    Acts of Multipimping

    Oh you need to pay attention to one ho at a time when your spitting game otherwise your game comes out weak and unfocused. If your mind is so wishy washy that a girl walking by can distract you then you need to tighten your shyt up. It doesn't matter if she was a fairy queen...your focus...
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    Acts of Multipimping

    "hello julie this is sam...I think we met quite some time ago and I believe that I just saw you at the mall yesterday and I wanted to say hello and oppologize for not calling sooner. How are you doing...getting that shopping all finished yet?"
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    which is harder? Clubs or street approach?

    In my opinion street is harder because women have their bytch shields up and are usually going somewhere like back to work or to a appointment and dont' have time to stop at a intersection to talk. The club scene, women are there to have fun and get attention so that they can feel good about...
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    For those with past or present HB 9 or above girlfriends...?

    My last long term and I had this problem. I couldn't walk to the bathroom without men and women hitting on her. At her job as a cosmetic sales person she would have fools walk by the counter and go up to her and say she was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen! And I had her...
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    my internet personals ad......

    yeah post up your photo
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    my internet personals ad......

    Give me a B Give me a l Give me a A Give me a h now repeat it until infinity! your still trolling this site no-nuts & skidmarks? Well you know what skidmarks you can keep on dreamin.
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    Looks v Game

    You know what Real...there are so many lost young bruthas on this site trying to be something that they are not and learning ways that will only make em look stupid and clownish...you know what I mean. You need to become the spokesman for young brutha's on this forum and teach em the true...
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    This is for those that "gets it"

    John, it's nice you idolize pook. We all need our heros you know. I am my own hero because I'm the only one who is living my life and walking my path. Life is a learning of lessons.
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    advice plz

    Did you say you met her at: YOUR FAWKING JOB????????? Ok somebody needs to add to the bible the facts about how lame it is to date at work!!!! cause at work where there's smoke you might get fired!
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    Single most insane thing I've ever seen regarding dating advice

    This does go down as the lamest technique EVER tried!!! It's amazing how fools and I mean fools will use any kind of prop to get out from stepping out as a man and just being a person when it comes to meeting women. So many put such a great fear on this whole dating process that it's...
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    Is it possible to get back with exes?

    I would have to disagree. Nature didn't need a oneitis man. It needed a breeder to insure the survival of the species. These symps of today are a result of too many breeders around so I think there has been a subsciounscious shift in the male programming. Look at how man fellows are now...
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    my internet personals ad......

    Ogre, can it! I date older women only now. Fawk that young shyt. You have nothing in common with em and your only spinning your wheels trying to get it. Yeah lets face it your chances of landing a 18 year old are slim and none...but so the fawk what. Why would you even want to just...
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    my internet personals ad......

    Now about your ad. Try playing up your good sides and ignore the things you don't like about being YOU. Witty, Intelligent, tall at 5 foot 3, you see what I'm saying. Play it up not down or make jokes about yourself. Nobody wants to date the town jester.
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    my internet personals ad......

    You know what ogre, I'm getting tired of your self deprication. It gets old. Your whinning about yourself starts with calling yourself ogre and it goes on and on and on. So what if your short and pot bellied. It's not like you CANT lose weight. So what your hairy. It's not like there is...
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    Is it possible to get back with exes?

    NewMan when I ment new I ment in the last few hundred years. You are absolutely right. Look at Napoleon when he lost Christine and his downfall. But if you go back a bit when we were tribal, man didn't have the onitis focus. It seems that when we learned to harvest grains and became...
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    Is it possible to get back with exes?

    I have a question to ask this board/forum: What is going on with men these days. Is mankind breeding the type of men that are genetically programmed to obsess over one woman. This poster has over 300 posts under his belt and he shoulda known better. He has been exposed to the real...
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    Does having kids make your sex life Deteriorate?

    Didn't stop my parents or myself when I was married! I guess it depends on which side of the tracks you came from.