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    how things change....

    I cant even see any of the old crew here....sniff:( people move on I guess... I merely felt like gloating about my new baby! I married late last year and my daughter is five weeks old:D After all the odd situations I found myself in with the fellas, I managed to nab me a good one.
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    So I got my man....but......

    Hi Kids, hope Santa was good to you all..... So despite our basic racial differences, I ended up with security boy last weekend. Before the event the dude did the following nice things: -spent time telling me jokes and making my shift bareable -often got the kitchen guy to make me cheese on...
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    Conversations with the sleep deprived...

    OK, a little history first: I've become friends(I say friend b/c theres been no nudity yet lol) with the security dude from my work. We flirt and whatnot, obviously. Late last week: I was having dinner in the restaurant part of the bar. He comes over (on a break) and after I observed that...
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    um ok that's retarded.

    so tell me how come you're allowed to post links to porn but you can't swear????? way to protect the children guys!! :rolleyes: IceCold-this is not a slight against you. Just pointing out how dumb the rules here are.
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    going to the ex-bad idea?

    My father had cancer eariler this year, and by the look of things it has come back. I was with a guy at the time who, despite burrying his head in the sand about what I was going through, was a great comfort to me. We ended badly, but there was no hatred there on my part or his, and I...
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    a suggestion for the wingman forum

    Could you guys make a sticky of hot places to go out (and not so hot) you could take thoughts from members from around the world....it'd save some time and hassle. :D
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    Are we really that scary?

    I am very open with my dating and mating exploits, not like gory details explicit, but enough for one to join the dots. And I have no problem talking about it to anyone who asks, male or female. But I have noticed a double standard. Men can go into details, but a woman who talks talks about...
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    Man speak for not interested?

    Now i have heard it all. Last night I made plans to head out with a new guy, who at the time agreed. He said he'd call me when I finished work (tonight at 7) He did not call. I go home, get changed and I called at 8.30pm to see what was going on. I get this-" I'm really sorry, I'm still at...
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    Here's something to talk about.

    How many of you have no respect for a woman's intelligence? I am asking seriously. Do you guys really think that you're taking back your balls with your attitudes? You cannot go through yur romantic lives tarring every single woman with the same brush. You cannot take some of the advice...
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    Erm, I am here.

    However, the little tick that denotes whether or not I am online is grey, meaning that I ain't here. Anyone else got this, or am I again the black sheep?
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    Gather 'round kids.

    So it's 3.34am Sydney time and in three and a bit hours I am going to be on a plane heading to Australia's biggest playground for big people and I am pissed off. I realised last night that I have let arseholes with boyfriends, psycho-dramatic commitment issues, and generalised bleepwits...
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    So I wanna shag this dude right.....

    OK sorry about this post, the forum is running slow from my end and I am getting all buggered up :) OK, while that dude that got me all hot and bothered from my journalism class moved away, I went out on a date last Tuesday with a cute guy I met through work. He's a cool fella and the...
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    Ban ClickHere.

    and anyone else who thinks that the worlds' filithiest habit is a justifiable response to being told off. The thread should've been deleted the second it was posted.
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    Brains people, brains.

    Alrighty, I want to throw this one up in the air. We can all safely agree that this site is about self improvement. I want to put it to everyone that in a lot of cases, people choose to pervert the ideas that are taken from here to their own agenda and use that concept of self improvement as...
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    You men are so weird.

    I would never have thought that you guys would noticed things like hair, but I cut it on Saturday and when I went to work that night, every single guy that was on shift with me (yes all five of them) was like, "Wow girl you look really good!" Whereas only two of the girls complimented me. And...
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    Getting touched up all the time

    I know, I know what a terrible predicament. :rolleyes: :p Thing is, these are guys that wouldn't give me the time of day a little while ago, and now.........it appears I am Little Miss Maybe-she'd-be-a-good-lay-after-all! I swear I have not changed a thing about myself. It's subtle...
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    I hope that you guys know better than this one!

    So I'm working at the bar last night, and I'm just coming out of the bathroom, when some loser hands me a phone number and says "my friend really likes you and wanted me to give you this." and I say, 'WTF?? what are you nine years old?? If your friend can't approach me like a man should and give...
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    A shag for the hell of it?

    OK your thoughts please:(especially if this seems weird lol) Have you ever wanted to shag somone just because you have a hunch they would go off like a frog in a blender in bed? There is a fella in one of my classes. Definetely not the type I'd normally go for. Not at all ugly though...
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    Getting my territory pissed on.

    And it's getting scary. Heres the deal: My ex and I split up in May. As some of you may remember, I took it hard. He lives two suburbs over from me, and has done for two years. In those two years(before we met), I have never ONCE seen him around my local shops or whatnot(.and I am there all...
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    my ears are burning!

    Ok, I was out at with a group of new found buddies at a burger joint last night. I was talking to one of the girls about my new boyfriend (yes I am back in business :cool: ) and I was sitting across the table from the group's male hottie. When he heard the word boyfriend come from me, I...