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  1. dustmuffin

    Advice needed

    My ex wife hasn’t dated anyone that I know of. But if she did I would shake his hand and say better you than me. I understand where you are coming from. Like some of the others have said. In time it will pass.
  2. dustmuffin

    Guys that go shopping with women for their benefit are Beta AF...

    I never go shopping with a woman. It is boring and a total waste of time.
  3. dustmuffin

    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    Dreams? Who believes in dreams? How about the zodiac? Woman believe in that bunk. Not men. Nothing will happen on that day. People have been predicting life changing events and the end of the world for hundreds of years yet here we are.
  4. dustmuffin

    Rollercoasters and being older

    Would rather just people watch. Last time I went I saw an autistic kid have a melt down for 30 minutes. What was her mom thinking taking her to an amusement park.
  5. dustmuffin

    Rollercoasters and being older

    I used to be able to ride roller coasters.now it makes me sick. If I go to an amusement park I people watch while my kids ride.
  6. dustmuffin

    Is this how easy it was in the 80's?

    I can confirm. It was easy to meet women in the 80s.
  7. dustmuffin

    is liking masculine women sign of low t

    There is something about a bull dyke....hubba hubba meow....
  8. dustmuffin

    Trying to get gf to take hint

    Next time she brings it up ask her what part of no don’t you understand? The n part or the o part?
  9. dustmuffin

    Breadcrumbs or Cautious?

    You don’t get her to invest. She is just interested in your attention, nothing else. Spend your time looking for girls that are interested in you.
  10. dustmuffin

    my method to get car handjobs

    Crap, I used to get car blow jobs all of the time. I never had a system. I would have a few drinks with them. Walk them to their car and get inside it. Start making out and one thing would lead to another. I have been in a relationship for three years. So I haven’t done this in a while.
  11. dustmuffin

    My GF goes to visit her female friend in a time we wanted to vacation together

    I would plan on doing something without her. The trip seems to be a red flag. I would watch her actions like a hawk. It might be time to bounce.
  12. dustmuffin

    Actual flake, low IOI or sh!t test

    Low interest
  13. dustmuffin

    What are complience tests?

    Hold my purse....never hold a woman’s purse
  14. dustmuffin

    would you sleep with woman infected with covid if you were desperate

    Came home to gf last night. She is on the rag. She offered up her other holes and I obliged. Did I mention she also cooks and cleans?
  15. dustmuffin

    At what point do YOU start calling HER?

    Didn’t have the patience to read all of your posts but from what I read you are overthinking. Get a few more plates to take your mind off her
  16. dustmuffin

    Gun ownership

    I have two .38 revolvers, a colt .38super, one ar-15 and a whinchester 30/30 saddle gun. Had a sweet browning light 12 shotgun. I loaned it to my brother and he pawned it for beer money