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  1. flowtheory

    Mystery and Challenge in relationship

    For those of you in relationships or who have had relationships (even if it was successful short term). What are some things you applied to keep the challenge and mystery alive, which drove up your woman’s interest without using drama or causing issues? I have a habit of being routined...
  2. flowtheory

    Tricky Position

    Been seeing my girlfriend for 5 months now. Have fallen in love. The other day she told me after she completes her BAR exam and becomes a full fledge lawyer she’s wanting to move back to Europe and pursue a career there, as that’s the geography that has captured her heart and where she’s...
  3. flowtheory


    How to handle when a woman says she’s sometimes bored in a relationship. Was reading an article earlier about providing security and being reliable in relationships. It’s what many strive for but at a certain point it can often be a kiss of death leading to predicability, and the partners -...
  4. flowtheory

    Euro Trip

    So I’m In the process of planning a Eurotrip in August. We have roughly 2.5 weeks. Right now we’re doing Montenegro, Croatia for a day to Dubrovnik, Italy, and either Greece or France. In your opinions to those who have been, which place is better to see, Greece or France?
  5. flowtheory

    Saying I Love You first

    Went out tonight with a group from my class. The topic was on who says “I Love You” first in a relationship. I was on the side that the woman should say it first 100%. All the women at the table agreed that the man should say it first and this was due to the fact that they didn’t want to be...
  6. flowtheory

    Corey Wayne initiating

    According to Corey Wayne, the woman should be doing 80% of the initiating in a relationship or early stages of dating with planning dates, texting, calling. What are your guys’ opinions on this? I personally feel like that’s crazy and wouldn’t be the long term situation with a woman of value.
  7. flowtheory

    “We have too much sex”

    When women say “we have too much sex”, in a relationship, what does that mean? My current girlfriend and I have sex about 3-6 times every weekend in about a 27 hour time frame (sleep included). Don’t see each other much during the week, but when we do, there is sex once or twice. We still go...
  8. flowtheory

    What is this

    Ive had this a couple time with women I’ve dated. And am just now experiencing it with my current relationship. I have a tendency - if ones so inclined to call it that - to be very obersavtional on my surroundings. I enjoy taking everything in. So I am usually looking around a fair bit...
  9. flowtheory

    No sensitivity some mornings

    So I’ve noticed over the years, wether it be with myself or with a current partner, that my penis is not that sensitive in the morning. I can still have an erection but it’s majorly desensitized; like I have a rubber boner. If I walk around for a little bit, that numbness goes away and it...
  10. flowtheory

    Do women ever stop testing their man?

    Been reading a bunch of this on other sites and articles. And based on my own experiences and thinking back to them, along with my current, it seems as though they don’t really stop. Can range from bigger tests, to smaller ones. Thoughts?
  11. flowtheory

    Difference between pursuing and chasing

    There has been mention of these terms in multiple threads I’ve read. Pursuing being the more optimal. Figured I’d ask the board to see what the definitions are and the differences.
  12. flowtheory

    Don’t know what to do

    I feel like I’m being put in a weird spot with the woman I’m still seeing. After a young woman from my class wanted to hangout - Chloe - we agreed that one on ones with new people isn’t the best and doesn’t have a place in a relationship. So we won’t do that anymore. -fast forward 1 month-...
  13. flowtheory

    Circumcision conversation

    Had an awkward conversation that’s made me a little depressed and a bit annoyed. And maybe some of you guys have had the experience of this conversation. The woman I’m seeing loves to be honest. And maybe to a fault while not thinking how it may come across.. I don’t know. She’s not doing in...
  14. flowtheory


    Recently entered in to exclusivity. Everything is great for the most part. However, I’m curious as to some of your guys’ thoughts on how to navigate it all. When we first start seeing a woman there’s escalation, frame, seducing, plates, and all of that good stuff. But when dealing with a...
  15. flowtheory

    Can women be in relationship with no drama?

    I don’t have anything against women; let this be known so this isn’t a hater post. However, I have been in relationships with many women, and time and time again, each one creates little dramas over the smallest, medium sized, silliest, and warranted things. Essentially it’s enescapable. I...
  16. flowtheory


    Well it’s been almost a year. My life has changed, in many avenues, for the better. I stumbled upon this forum in March this year. Ive learned a lot and am still in that process and will be for my entire adult life, and I enjoy it greatly. There’s an abundance of knowledge here; pots of gold...
  17. flowtheory


    Simple question. Always wondered. Talked with buddy last night and I couldn’t figure out a legitimately viable answer. Why do women often do “I’ll be 15 mins late”. It happens all the time with every type of age of women I’ve experienced as well as my body mentioned last night. Are they...
  18. flowtheory

    Who contacts who after sex first time?

    Had sex with a woman I like last night for the first time. Do you guys usually wait for her to reach out, or do you reach out?
  19. flowtheory

    Major Learning Last Night

    Because I live so far from my family, my actual Christmas isn’t until the 28th. So last night I decided to spend the night with a woman whom I have interest in. We were lying in her bed. Post heavy makeout. Hadn’t yet had sex yet, but it was on its way. My jeans were beside the bed; phone...
  20. flowtheory


    Hey all, So after many threads and topics, searching and research, I’ve decided to make a thread pertaining to the widely and most ambiguous term; Frame. Frame is foundational here, and needs to be constructed in what I believe to be pragmatic yet simple way. So for simplicity sake and not...