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    Any tips for my home workout plan?

    Before corona i signed a gym membership and then everything got shut down. So i decided to work out at home. Would be nice if someone experienced could give me his opinion on my plan: Day 1: 3x8 Push ups with weight, 3x8 Decline push ups with weight, dips with weights Day 2: 3x8 dumbbell...
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    The respressed/forgotten competition

    Hey guys, i just wanted to share some thoughts i had today while i was working out. I thought about my life and how i always avoided stressful situations. I was always the person who avoided competition. I wasn't blessed with all the natural strength other boys had. So somehow or sometime i...
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    Need advice from Single Fathers!

    Hi Guys, My ex ( baby momma) moved to my town. In one month i have an appointment at the youth welfare office regarding the pick up time of my kids. I contacted the office because i couldnt come to terms with my ex. Her disrespect didnt occur on its own, i definetly contributed to that bad...
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    Is everything our fault or should they also blamed?

    Are only men guilty for failed relationships wether they are fwb, marriages or just girl/boyfriend type relationsips? It comes across like most guys here( or in the red pill scene ) only blame the men and im also convinced that men are responsible for disrespect from women if they allow bad...
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    How to deal with consequences of corona virus

    Hey guys, i'm on sosuave since january. I was at a miserable state when i joined here but since then i started getting better in every aspects. The never ending process of self improvement started for me. I got a gym membership, had some job interviews and an appointment for a trial day in a...
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    How do i feel good again ( depression )

    Hi I'm here for some time now, opened 2 threads. I read through the Forums, read books and all this stuff. I know this girl for 6 years now and have/had oneitis for her. The " Real " relationship lasted for the first 1,5-2 years. After that i chased her while she fcked around. I also had Sex...
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    Getting strong again after breakup

    Im 25, had a wife for some years and i also have 2 kids. She left me long ago and i found out that she didnt have any issue dating other guys. It was really hard for me the first time and i begged her back and all this **** but after being in the manosphere for some weeks now, i stopped that and...
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    Asking for life advice/ dealing with ex and kids

    Hey guys Im 25 years old and im german. I found this forum from rollo tomassis book. When i was 19 i met a girl that lived with her single mom and her brother and sister, both from different fathers in a village here. I texted her on the internet and we had a date and got in a relationship...