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  1. Jack12345

    What are your hobbies

    Personally nowadays obsessed mostly with boxing, workouts and billiards Also looking for something that would make me obsessed with money and economics but I have only some basics knowledge and not found yet something that would make me feel passion towards it..
  2. Jack12345

    When everything feels hopeless, what one truth you hold upon

    Like "life is this and that.. but god" or "think therefore I am" or "have debts"... What's your single thing that you know for sure when things confusing
  3. Jack12345


    Has anyone dealt with it successfully? How do you know if you trust someone?
  4. Jack12345

    I wanna f my therapist

    I try not to think about this but she's hot And she always playin with her hair and doing all kind of sexy things She saying I had fckd up life and she wants to help me but I think she only enjoy my money and attention, and she trying to make me use Cipralex
  5. Jack12345

    When stoopid facks turned on by the men they shame

    Notice the way they criticize Louis ck, watch their uncertainty, confusion, fear and movements, remember this is about the small details not about the content Now I dont follow "Louis ck fcks up everything", hes certainly did few things as much as I know. Nevertheless this is an interesting...
  6. Jack12345

    How to respond to this kind of message OLD

    This is silly I know My bio "passive aggressive" = not permanent, I doing all kind of tests to filter women I dont like Her is the second one, some song about "let boys to cry" She sends "Hey" and emoji with shades How would you respond The shades makes me confused I know she did it cause...
  7. Jack12345

    Short "psychedelic trip" while day dreaming, is it possible

    Without the using of any drugs. Can the body biology create such experience and what involved in this process? Like if your sleeping routine turned upside down
  8. Jack12345

    The way that you comfortable about your look

    Has a great impact on your charisma, are you agree? Isn't this what natural is all about? I mean, I'm balding. And I just want to take the razor and cut it all off This is like going with a funny hat on your head trying to convince yourself that youre actually cool but deeply inside u hate...
  9. Jack12345

    Need advice - ectomorph diet

    Hey guys I'm 1.7m tall and weight 65kg. I'm doing squats, deadlift, chest and shoulder bar pushups. I'm trying to eat big meals, most of carbohydrates and protein and there is a slow progression, but on the other hand heavy meals make me feel heavy and I'm afraid it has impact on my behavior...
  10. Jack12345

    My sisters ex-husband hangs out at her home

    Without her interest in it. They divorced for about a year right now, and any time he comes and just stays there and sometime for a night leaning on the sofa. I do like him but there is a reason they divorced he lost their money on gaming and made her bankruptcy and also he has a very noisy...
  11. Jack12345

    How you deal with anger really

  12. Jack12345

    How to or not to flirt with women at work

    Hey guys wonder if you have/had experience when stranger girls invite you to talk (flirt) with her at work and your personal experience from that situation Im working in a very big company and theres lots of people and really hot girls, most of the colleagues I have to deal with are men and...
  13. Jack12345

    How do you get along with marriad dudes at work

    I work in a place where most men are married and those who are not desperately looking for it.. feels really frustrating have no good friends. I'm 29yrs old
  14. Jack12345


    I doing a seminar at work. 99% guys 1 girl. Half of the class asked a day off on the 1-1-20 because they celebrating the new year. The 1 percent argued and said she had plans for this day, altogeth her plans are not during the seminar hours, and immediately everyone shut up. Crazy ****. And I...