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  1. RangerMIke

    I was the rebound guy, What can I do now?

    When a woman isn't 'feeling it' there is nothing you can do about it. Trying to get a woman to rationally explain her emotional decision making is like insisting that she answer you in a language she doesn't understand. The truth is she has no idea why she isn't feeling it. But one thing is...
  2. RangerMIke

    ''dumbest'' cheating sign ever.

    I wasn't going to post anything about this because to me it's pretty obvious, but I'm guessing there are many that do not know this so here it goes: There isn't a woman today in Western culture that will not cheat under the right circumstances. If you are in a relationship with a woman you...
  3. RangerMIke

    When everything feels hopeless, what one truth you hold upon

    "You have to know when to hold'em: and know when to fold'em." Life is a series of poker hands, don't sweat the little failures: don't get too enthusiastic with the little successes. Life is the long game and this takes patience because a vast majority of things that happen around you is out of...
  4. RangerMIke

    Do alpha widows ever get over the alpha?

    Women get over men as easy as we get over a disappointing season of our favorite sports team. It's "Oh well... there is always next year." They don't like losing out to another chick, but to them it's not the end of the world. When it comes to relationships, they are a lot more resilient than...
  5. RangerMIke

    Worst Dating Advice

    What @GioWolf said, plus timing. It wasn't that the guy was 'persistent' or anything he did, the chick changed... Something happened in her life to give the guy another look. I've seen it happen... it happened with my sister, she's been married to the same guy for 36 years... but before she...
  6. RangerMIke

    Worst Dating Advice

    All good stuff... but really the WORST advice I've ever heard is be persistent. This is bad for a couple of reasons... 1st... It doesn't work, there is really nothing you can do to get a chick to like you or make herself available if she isn't. That should be enough, but really not only does...
  7. RangerMIke

    Is Anyone Actually Meeting Any New Women?

    It all depends on the individual and how you live your life. I have a niece who got this back in early April, she is in HS and has a few scholarship prospects for Cross County track, she is a great athlete... Well after she recovered, they discovered some scaring on her lungs, and since then...
  8. RangerMIke

    Is Anyone Actually Meeting Any New Women?

    Not meeting any new women. Oh.... and Covid-19 is real, highly contagious, if you have a significant pre-exiting condition can be deadly. And before you think it's not a problem for a young healthy person, it causes permanent lung damage. If people had taking this fvcking virus seriously 4...
  9. RangerMIke

    The four words every woman wants to hear from her man...

    "I got this babe." Yep... that's it. Woman want to know you can make decisions, have everything under control, will put yourself out there making an effort, and she doesn't have to worry about anything. You don't really even have to be 100% successful with what you do... as long as you own...
  10. RangerMIke

    Ive fccked 48 girls this year

    My first throught was "DAMN, I never in my life had that kind of energy, but anyone that thinks this is not 'doable' is kidding themselves... If you have the right look and make an effort, and don't come off as a POS crazy person a man can do this. When I was in college, I suppose if I actually...
  11. RangerMIke

    What you think?

    She isn't interested, move on. Never call out chicks on stuff like this, it is just how they are. Going forward, just ask once, then let it go. Let her respond... women today are fvcking glued to their cell phones... she got your first message, and made a deliberate point NOT to respond...
  12. RangerMIke

    Men marking their territory with their women?

    This happens to me frequently at parties and events. It's pretty obvious when it happens. I've actually had a couple of men come right out and tell me to stay away from their wives... like I would jump into that fvcking wild dog pit of stress. One was a friend of mine... so I asked him what I...
  13. RangerMIke

    There used to be 5 active PUA/Seduction Forums! Now only 1 remains

    Yep. It is kind of funny... If you want a half-way decent chick to get into a relationship with... you are going to have to take her from another dude... which means the same will happen to you if you get too comfortable. I think 10% is about right. I get accused all the time by friends and...
  14. RangerMIke

    Lamest Excuses

    My favorite all time excuse was: "My car is stuck in reverse." Honorable mention: "Something is wrong with my piano." and "My psychic says you are dangerous."
  15. RangerMIke

    Is cold approaching a fundamentally non-normal activity?

    Everything starts off as a cold approach... you are not born knowing someone... everyone meets everyone for the first time. So it is completely normal. What isn't 'normal' is cold approach as a PUA technique. The idea that you are going out to do 'cold approaching' makes you look creepy as...
  16. RangerMIke

    Did i play this right

    Anything other than 'yes' is no... move on to the next one.
  17. RangerMIke

    Women's choices in guys

    If your own value is tied to a chick, you have already lost. Woman have to be a compliment to your life, not the purpose. Ask yourself this simple question: "Is this woman a passenger, or the member of the crew?" If she's a 'passenger'... well.... she better be paying for her ticket to ride...
  18. RangerMIke

    Was she playing hard to get? Did she have low interest? Or was she just mentally unstable.

    DJ principles work in three ways... screening out women that are game playing time vampires, who really are not interested in you, and crazy @ss b1tches. It really doesn't matter what category a woman falls under because you don't want any of them.
  19. RangerMIke

    Should you ever apologize to a woman?

    If you legitimately did something wrong than sure... apologize once. Now if the woman will not let it go, dump her. What you don't want to do is to say you are sorry for something you don't believe is wrong, because that is dishonesty.
  20. RangerMIke

    Girl mostly initiating contact and asking me out on dates, but distant and unaffectionate in person

    Good question. What is fun for me is dating. As long as the dating is fun and the women I am with enjoy what I plan it's all good. But when dating is no longer fun and starts looking too much like work, then I lose interest. The woman is a passenger on the stuff I plan... to me the 'date' is...