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  1. GT40

    Ex sending mixed signals

    She’s female. Acts on pure emotion. They all do and it’s normal. Just move on man and leave her be
  2. GT40

    How did you discover the Red Pill?

    The Manosphere was a good read. Also The Return of Kings was a great web read. Dr Robert Glover with No More Mr Nice Guy was huge for me. Really set me straight on life. The MMSLP with Athol Kay. lots of great info on the web. Wish I had this in college.
  3. GT40

    Stamina support?

    Maca Zinc and Magnesium is a good combo. Every day supps do help. HIIT and exercise along with a good diet of greens and veggies. made a huge hard difference for me.
  4. GT40

    What are your boundaries?

    No co dependency. Don’t be needy. Oral sex Is a must. Don’t Nag. Pull your Own weight. Have a good job. Look after herself and look good
  5. GT40

    I just left my family

    If it’s not working out then it’s best to call it. But don’t get involved with another woman right away. It looks bad and raises doubt about your character in front of a judge when deciding support and alimony.
  6. GT40

    Lay report - Legs shaking

    Eating good clean ***** is magic. Love it. Gets things wet and primed.
  7. GT40

    If a girl is best friends with a wh#re how likey is it that she is also one .

    Usually true as sloots of a feather sleep around together. Brace yourself or.... Have a three way. slowly pick each one off. Or ,....... Drop the GF and move on.
  8. GT40

    Wow haven't been on here in a while still need advice

    Push the FML eject button. This is a doomed marriage. Your kids will only suffer dude. not worth it. Not at all
  9. GT40

    BPD EX left and blocked need help processing and moving on.

    Roma. Grab your balls and do a gut check. Seriously she’s doing you a favour. she’s a train wreck dude. Want to be saddled with this for ever??? Think about it.
  10. GT40

    How to find a wife

    Beta. Very Beta
  11. GT40

    To bang another mans girl or not to bang another mans girl

    And If she doesn’t have one..... she wants to get ploughed good and hard.
  12. GT40

    To bang another mans girl or not to bang another mans girl

    If I was single and didn’t know the other man. Sure why not. Friends wife GF or Ex. No way. Same goes for co workers. Nope
  13. GT40

    So I've made it...

    Dude. Time to move out. How old are you???? Stop sneaking plates in the back door of Moms house.
  14. GT40

    Which do you prefer sex wise?

    I do love it all. But a good BJ with balls is amazing. Eating good slight delicate pu$$y is awesome and such a turn on.
  15. GT40

    Have any of you seen guys get in great shape in their 30s?

    I’m 48 and doing well Best shape since HS. Sucks the gym is closed. Ramped up the cardio tho. Just make it happen
  16. GT40

    38DD - your opinion?

    If you enjoy her company then keep going. Just plate her tho. Unless you’re looking for a LTR. Just go with it and no expectations. We all have faults and nobody is perfect.
  17. GT40

    Do you wear lift shoes when you go out?

    I’m lucky. 6”3 and 235 so I’m way bigger taller than most men. So no lifts needed. love it when the wife wears heels. She’s 5”3 so I look like a giant when I’m with her.
  18. GT40

    Help a brother out.

    You missed your chance man. She then lost interest. Then she moved. move on as she did. Next time hit that when it’s there.
  19. GT40

    How to deal with this? Sadomasochism

    Go easy Master Fapper. Ten times a day??? That’s insane. Way too much focus On that. You’re losing your focus.
  20. GT40

    GF has done several married man

    She’s not relationship material. Move on