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  1. Jariel

    Girl I'm dating is grieving - to comfort her or stay away?

    Just a quick question. I have to confess to having white knight tendencies in the past and they've always backfired and left me with regret. So I've started seeing a girl the past month. She's pretty awesome to be fair, we have such a laugh when we're together and things are very hot and...
  2. Jariel

    Some minor adjustments that helped me turn my game around

    Hey guys, long story short, I found myself single again 8 months ago and slowly got myself back into the dating game. It's been a rough time to be honest and I started to become a bit of a serial dater and was getting rejected over and over. It was causing me a lot of confusion. I'm a good...
  3. Jariel

    How to regain my passion for life?

    Last year I had a major kick up the a$s. I realised that I had so little to offer my girlfriend and that I needed to take control of my life. With the help of The Law of Attraction, Napoleon Hill and other motivational speakers, I got fired up for life and found a drive I've never known before...
  4. Jariel

    Your post-date behaviour that works or fails?

    For as long as I've been dating, I've been having the same experiences over and over again, and for a long time it really confused me. I've never believed in the whole "no texting before a date" rules or "you must call her only to make a date" because that's never worked for me. In my...
  5. Jariel

    More feminist propaganda

    I'm not sure if this has been posted already, but I've just seen it and I'm feeling so p!ssed off right now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc45-ptHMxo THIS kind of thinking and this kind or propaganda is exactly why so many of us ended up coming to this forum in the first place. We got...
  6. Jariel

    Learn the art of inaction and improve your game

    I've been on this site for many years and I've been following a lot of the advice I've learned here. Some of it has served me very well, yet some of it has caused me big problems with women. It has taken me a long time to realise just what it is that's been holding me back, but here it is...
  7. Jariel

    What do you talk about on a date?

    I've been on a number of dates lately and with some girls, the conversation flows naturally. I tend to ask about their work, their passions and interests, then pick up on points and get them to elaborate and contribute my own related conversation. I have a few regular anecdotes I tell, some...
  8. Jariel

    How do you communicate with non-talkative girls?

    I think it's fair to say that I'm a very charismatic guy and when I engage women in conversation, I can really make the chemistry happen. But a lot of the time I come across girls who are hard work and don't know how to hold a conversation. Usually, if a girl is hard to talk to and has no...
  9. Jariel

    Feeling like a b@stard...which means I'm doing right.

    Have you ever felt those twinges of guilt when you're spinning plates? You're talking and flirting with different women and letting each one feel special, and you can see their interest rising and their hopes building. You can't help feeling like a bit of a selfish as$hole at times. Or when...
  10. Jariel

    What is the best way to get over a break up? Vote now!

    I already know the answer to this question, but I think it will be helpful for everyone going through break ups to see some poll results. So many of us have had first hand experience of break ups, and have tried every possibility imaginable to try and win her back, and yet whenever we try to...
  11. Jariel

    Low carb, calorie counting or Intermittent fasting for a cut?

    What has given you the best results for cutting? I tried low carb (atkins) a few times before and got some great results for dropping bodyfat, but unfortunately it comes with a consequence and always makes me feel drained, my workouts suffer and my sex drive suffers. Calorie counting...
  12. Jariel

    Women who try to repress the qualities they want in a man

    I'm going to bet that a lot of guys here can relate to this... As we all know, most, if not all women are attracted to a man who embraces his sexuality. Most women want to be swept into an exciting fantasy, have a man who takes control, leads them out of their comfort zone...a man who is...
  13. Jariel

    Can I get another chance?

    Just looking for some objective input here. About 2 months after my break up with my ex I started seeing another girl. She was awesome. Her texts always made me smile and laugh and she took the focus off my ex. We had two dates and she was really into me. We kissed and she invited me back to...
  14. Jariel

    What do they have that most of us are lacking?

    This seems like quite an obvious question and one that I've been asking myself for years. When I look at my close friends, acquaintances, people I've grown up with, many of my Facebook contacts, it strikes me just how many of them are in happy and secure relationships. They have no big dramas...
  15. Jariel

    Negative advice could be destroying your chances with women, your mind and your life

    I'm not a religious person. I'm not a believer in fate or luck or superstition, and I don't believe that positive thinking has any magical powers. However, I have enough experience to prove that positive thinking does produce positive results and negative thinking produces negative results...
  16. Jariel

    Simple advice that will serve you well

    David DeAngelo refers to it as "calling her out on her sh!t", Mystery refers to it as "the freeze out" and many DJs and PUAs promote this idea of standing up to a girl when she shows any signs of disrespect, disinterest or cool behaviour. The problem is, many of us can't differentiate between...
  17. Jariel

    Maintaining a pump for longer

    Short question: is there a way of maintaining your pump after a good gym session? I tried nitrous oxide and I'm on creatine, which are all great for the initial pump, but it never lasts for more than an hour.
  18. Jariel

    Does this site cause paranoia and insecurity?

    Have you ever noticed that whenever you post on this forum asking advice on a relationship or someone you've been dating, you always get a lot of cynical responses. Subject: "My girlfriend is a bit distant lately" Answers: "She's branch swinging" or "She's sucking some other guy's d1ck"...
  19. Jariel

    Mastering your dual personality

    I've always believed that every one of us has a dual personality, often defined by the conscious and subconscious (aka unconscious). If anyone is familiar with Napoleon Hill's books, he addressed this separation and learned how to use it to his advantage...he would even speak directly and aloud...
  20. Jariel

    Women's Infidelity - Anyone read it?

    I've just finished reading a book called Women's Infidelity by Michelle Langley. It's based around 100s of interviews with unfaithful women and goes into the reasons why they cheat on their husbands and the cruel, cold and downright evil behaviour they can often resort to. It will make you...