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  1. BeTheChange

    Ive fccked 48 girls this year

    A poorly put together slide with a few stock images you made yourself or found over the internet doesn't make it true. Again it's a comfort to think women only lust after looks rather than taking time to appreciate the psychological complexities that the money/power/status dynamic sparks in a...
  2. BeTheChange

    Ive fccked 48 girls this year

    Never said women didn't fvck for looks. Of course some do - in the UK its generally low IQ, working class / lower middle class (only way is essex) young women who will fvck a guy based on looks alone. If looks is your main strength then you will be treated as nothing but a walking dildo by the...
  3. BeTheChange

    Ive fccked 48 girls this year

    Decent post but wrong on a few points. Money definitely matters. In fact it probably matters more than looks as its often a proxy for power which is the real tool for attraction. Most who say otherwise, don't have it. I think a lot of people on this forum emphasise Looks over Money because...
  4. BeTheChange

    Keeping wealth : Hiring private investigators to do discoveries of potential serious mate: howto frame telling them and when to tell them you did this

    Your choice of long term partner, paticularly if you plan to have kids, is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in life. I see nothing wrong with doing your due diligence and hiring a private investigator, before making a legally or emotionally binding serious commitment...
  5. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    Rounding the accounts off early this month so I can enjoy my weekend. I bought an ownership stake in a consulting firm previously owned and operated by one man. He was billing about $125k a year on his own. A combination of personal issues, combined with Covid meant his revenue dried up...
  6. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    Thank you brother. My ambitions have gotten even more aggressive. My aim is to be a dollar millionaire by next Christmas at the age of 32! Of course all the dominoes have to fall in the correct order to achieve this! Had some interesting, positive events take place in the last couple of weeks...
  7. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    Congratulations. From what I hear Dave Ramsey is great for getting out of debt and pulling together a basic budget. Yes my income jumped up due to a new contract but only temporarily. It will be back to its "normal" level in June. Working for yourself means you can make high income one month...
  8. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    Net worth now at $525k. My highest revenue generating month since I began consulting - all a direct result of Covid-19. Total income of $33k in the month from property and invoicing on client contracts. Expecting a drop off of 40% next month as I've finished and rolled off my highest paying...
  9. BeTheChange

    Kinda Conflicted on Career Choices?

    If you're going to go the "follow your dreams" route you need to be ruthless. Give yourself a definitive timeline, say 2 years. If you don't make it within that period then you can pursue a career in programming knowing you gave it your best shot. I decided to go in the other direction. In...
  10. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    No need to apologise. Just having a positive net worth puts you ahead of a lot of people. Regarding your situation, if you are early in your career focus on trying to increase your income whether through promotions or learning new skills. Having a high income is vital for building wealth.
  11. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    A loan from a private bank but as it is related to Covid the government guarantee 100% of the loan. Meaning in the event of default the government will make good on the amount owed to the bank. This effectively means the bank can lend to more risky borrowers at a lower interest rate (I.e...
  12. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    It's a strange situation. To find yourself profiting at a time when many are losing jobs but honestly Covid-19 has financially been the best thing that could have happened to me. Net worth sits at $485k, up on last month in spite of some heavy spending and tax bills due. Consulting Business...
  13. BeTheChange

    A stupid question about oil.. Don't judge me if this makes me sound like a moron

    What stops you is that you're only legally allowed to store barrels of oil in specific places (like an oil tanker). You can't just buy an oil contract, wait for delivery and then store the barrels in your back garden.
  14. BeTheChange

    cars that women love

    In the UK most women cream themselves over luxury trucks. Range Rover, leather interior and heated massage seats. It's game over. I've never driven as an adult but getting a beemer later this year. Going to be interesting to see what impact it has on the ladies.
  15. BeTheChange

    what is a good count for sexual partners a woman has?

    5 or less is ideal. I don't think any girl of value should be higher than 10 since they'd be in LTRs most of the time. Any more than that and she belongs to the streets. A girl says 15. She ain't getting a contract.
  16. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    Well what a month it's been. In February we were riding high and here we are now with the world economy grounded to a halt and a quarter of the world's population in lockdown! My net worth sits at $465k. It would be higher but crypto and equities took a battering. Most of my assets are tied...
  17. BeTheChange

    Passive income

    Yes I own 5 rentals. My aim is to own 9 by year end and 20 within 5 years. I make $3k a month after expenses. It took me 5 years to go from zero net worth, a ton of student loans and no savings or real estate to my current position. Focus on building a good credit history, maximising your...
  18. BeTheChange

    How do you all manage your money?

    Dave Ramsey is good for getting out of the bad kind of debt (consumer) but following his advice won't make your rich. If you want to play with the big boys you'll most likely need to use leverage at some point. This is how most people accumulate fast wealth - outside of inheritance. Even many...
  19. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    Fifth property purchase finally closed. Have added the property to my balance sheet at its market value, which is above the price I paid for it. Someone offered market value of c. $600k but their financing fell through which is why I was able to swoop in and get it on the cheap - since I have a...