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  1. oldmanofthesea

    Women triggered by older men dating younger women

    I wanted to see what experience you guys have had with this. It has gotten to the point of destroying friendships for me. There is no valid justification for women trying to shame a guy for this. The arguments they put up have no merit, and many of the arguments are hypocritical as they don't...
  2. oldmanofthesea

    Dealing with declining libido as you age

    Curious to hear from the over 30 crowd who have struggled with loss in libido. I'm not talking about erectile dysfunction. I'm specifically talking about sex-drive. I've noticed a sharp decline in mine since turning 40. What concerns me is it seems to be accelerating in the last two years...
  3. oldmanofthesea

    Women and anxiety

    If you've read any of my posts, you will know I don't like blaming women for things that both men and women do equally. But the more dating I do and the more relationships I get into, the more I find that every woman I end up dating seems to have massive amounts of anxiety. I can't decide if...
  4. oldmanofthesea

    The archetypes of new SS members

    I've noticed a pattern with new members asking for advice here. The person comes here, asks advice, advice is given and then one of three things occurs: They ask questions about the advice. They respond to specific points people make. They respond to questions. They truly process the...
  5. oldmanofthesea

    Too many men vainly take credit for a woman's high-interest, to their own peril

    Something I see a lot from guys having girl problems, or recent red-pill converts is a lack of awareness of of how women can project their desire onto a man and how a man will often choose to take this as a reflection of himself. Both men and women do this, but because I'm providing guidance for...
  6. oldmanofthesea

    Volunteering and community service

    I realized years ago that the most fulfilling thing to me is helping others. I knew that as I aged, I would get to a point of wanting to focus heavily on this. I think that time has come. I have spent a lot of time reflecting lately and what I have seen is that I am good in my career, very...
  7. oldmanofthesea

    Why you never ask a girl if she has a boyfriend

    I've seen a few people talk about this so I'm going to explain it my own way: It tells her you don't understand the social reality that most attractive women always have guys in their orbit/rotation and are never truly single. It tells her you don't understand that there are many shades of...
  8. oldmanofthesea

    Bbrad's comments on confident persistence

    Since his thread is making the rounds, I gave it a read and one thing in particular stood out to me: Confident Persistence. He talks about how many guys are too quick to next a girl or give-up on a girl for things like rescheduling or occasionally not calling or not texting you back. He says...
  9. oldmanofthesea

    LMR: Verbal communication or no?

    I've only encountered LMR twice since I started dating again after my divorce. I was able to push past it with the first girl by backing off without any kind of fuss or talking or reaction on my part, then trying again a bit later, and repeating that cycle until we had sex. That didn't work with...
  10. oldmanofthesea

    Rejection from insecure women

    I remember seeing some comments about this a while back. @guru1000 talked about it a bit as well. As one's game gets tighter, some women will appear to reject a guy's advances out of insecurity that they aren't good enough for the guy, and think that he couldn't actually be interested in them...
  11. oldmanofthesea

    Topics women use when initiating texts

    I've noticed with nearly all the women I've dated in the last year, when they initiate texts with me, they are saying something about themselves. What they are doing, what they are excited about, something that happened to them, etc. They almost never initiate texts by asking me a question. When...
  12. oldmanofthesea

    When a girl comes back around

    A girl I dated recently who broke things off with me decided to come back around. We were never serious or exclusive when we dated (she had just gotten out of a long relationship), though we did see eachother 1-2x per week and we talked daily. I went no-contact after the breakup, then ran into...
  13. oldmanofthesea

    Communicating your feelings

    I'm sure that title alone probably triggered a lot of people lol. Looking for input on communication vs action. I've leaned toward action instead of communication and it has worked overall but has recently got me into a situation where the girl took over and lead our interactions, and I'm not...
  14. oldmanofthesea

    How much do you communicate about your other dates?

    If you are seeing a girl semi-casually yet regularly for over three months, how much, if any, do you communicate about your other dates/girls? I never do. I change the subject as fast as possible, injecting some humor if I can find it in the moment. However, this girl I have been seeing is...
  15. oldmanofthesea

    Only fat causes weight gain?!?!

    This dumb article keeps popping up in my social media feeds and in google news feeds: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-07-fat-consumption-weight-gain.html It claims that a new study proves that eating fat is the only cause of (dietary) weight gain. This goes against everything I know about...
  16. oldmanofthesea

    Dating women from your social circle - Is the game different?

    When dating girls from your social circle (I'm talking about women you JUST met, who you were introduced to through your extended social circle), do you find that you need to employ different tactics than you would with a girl you met in OLD, cold approach, or clubs? The social dynamics seem to...
  17. oldmanofthesea

    Anyone experience total loss of libido after physical injury and lack of exercise?

    I've always been active but didn't do any cardio until about 6 months ago. My libido was always ok before that, and the cardio made it go up higher over time. Then I got a sports-related injury a couple months ago that has prevented me from doing cardio. The injury is relatively minor and I can...
  18. oldmanofthesea

    Women who quickly bring up their boyfriends

    As I've dropped OLD and focus more on cold approach and day game, I'm noticing some things and have some questions. I am taking more notice when women look at me, and I'm currently focusing on approaching those women instead of just any women I find attractive who hasn't looked at me. I'll work...
  19. oldmanofthesea

    Is this plate interested or not?

    Just curious to see how some of you would handle this. It feels on the border of disinterest. Had first date 5 weeks ago. Went well and she texted me a bunch the following week (I responded but didn't get into long text convos) but then she cancelled our next date a day in advance without...
  20. oldmanofthesea


    Just read this today https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/man-sent-date-invoice-ghosted-101419195.html Woman goes out with a guy on a first date. He pays for dinner. She ghosts him. He sends her a bill for her half of the dinner. She flips and shares the story on Twitter. Some support her, some...