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  1. GT40

    Married. How many guys have a side dish ?

    Just like the title says. Any married guys here have sex outside the marriage ? Something. Extra?
  2. GT40

    High Heels Fetish.

    Yes that’s correct. I love women who wear heels. I have to look and watch. I can’t help it. The high the better as long as she can walk in them. My wife use to wear heels often. She has great legs too. But at 45 its kinda gone by the wayside. Now I watch others who wear heels. If she’s...
  3. GT40

    Help. Clamydia scare.

    Well I'm in deep here guys. I contracted Clamydia from a plate I was spinning. The condom broke I didn't know she had it. Either did she. We've both been treated all is fine. My issue is I'm married. Wife has been going through menopause so sex has been slow. Like once a month here...