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  1. lamath

    Advice needed

    This is not something i had to deal with before, but ive been feeling like crap this last week. I need some advice....im sure i would know what to tell someone if this happened to them but detachment is very hard right now. I need perspective. So i dumped the women ive been seeing for over...
  2. lamath

    Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

    In before Ghislaine Maxwell didn't kill herself. things could get interesting https://www.reuters.com/article/us-people-ghislaine-maxwell/ghislaine-maxwell-associate-of-late-jeffrey-epstein-arrested-in-u-s-sources-say-idUSKBN24321V?il=0
  3. lamath

    Turning down sex

    So this morning was in bed with women im seeing and things started getting very hot, had some stuff to do this morning so after 1 snooze i cut things short got out of bed and left. I could have also stayed for a quick one but wanted to start my work day on time. Women seems fine with it but it...
  4. lamath

    Frame grab.

    In before i lost frame and i should next Truth is Next is probably incoming my interest is getting lower and lower. So been seeing this women for like 2 month now. Overall she has been great but lately ive seen her express a need for control in trying to change the way i interact with her, i...
  5. lamath

    When is it time to let them go

    Hey just wanted some tought on this. I find that sometime its far from black and white what the best course of action is. I am always willing to listen to the women im dating perspective when a issue come up, sometime they make a very good point. And i understand them, however it make it...
  6. lamath

    Social media shenanigans

    So this women was checking me out at a live concert a few month back, a few of my friend notice and i did get some eye contact from her However when i was gonna approac they told me to wait for a better occasion because this was one of the rare occasion i was drunk af. Did get a ONS that night...
  7. lamath

    Pocket dial on FB

    Need advice on how to proceed.i think this can be an opportunity. So idk how probably a pocket dial, but i sent a friend request to a hot 28 yo with some common friend, just received notification. Not use to this stuff yet and kind of gun shy on many things. Was thinking of msg her something...
  8. lamath

    Best way to let them go.

    So new situation for me, after my 12 y ltr. Last week end I had a ONS and im not sure how to handle things right now. She has been txting me almost every days since. Im a bit piss at myself, i did something i never do and go **** face drunk and lets just say even if she is not bad looking i...
  9. lamath

    FB game help

    Some help would be appreciated. probably a trivial situation. This is my 1st try since getting back on the market, she is a friend of 1 of my best friend gf, met her about 6 month ago at party and she has showed some High IL. I was not available at the time so nothing more happened. So...
  10. lamath

    New driving law in Canada

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/new-laws-cause-problems-lawyer-1.4952468 I heard about that law and i said to myself no big deal.... Until last Sunday. Played Hockey that night and after we decided to go to the bar for a few beer. I drank a little bit 4 beer maybe over 4...
  11. lamath

    Women crying...how to handle

    Imo this is the ultimate weapon they use. This is a spot where i screw up big time. I got 3 way to handle it and ik i dont handle it right 1. I ignore her and let her alone, i just go do something else far from her. 2. I get mad because its ****ing 2 am and she is crying for stupid sheet 3.I...
  12. lamath

    Dresses Recording Groping

    https://www.iflscience.com/technology/these-dresses-record-groping-because-so-many-men-wont-believe-women/ We are at that point where touching a women shoulder is considered groping in a jam packed night club. Men should do the same and then we could compare, wtf is wrong with ppl now.
  13. lamath

    Potential AW?

    Hey Guys So i live in a small Canadian town population of about 7000 and there is that new European women in town ( been here for about 6 month now) She has become friend with one of my buddy sisters that works in a salon. So my buddy met her and while she was complaining about a guy not...
  14. lamath

    How to avoid being suck in the Drama.

    Not sure how to handle things atm I feel like she is her to suck me in her frame and drama Recent separation i broke things up 2 week ago ( was with her for 10+ year 2 young kid) was almost mutual. Ofc im way better off then her, never felt this good in a long time and i know i made the right...
  15. lamath

    Women interested in married men with kids

    New here 37yo with 2 kids and wife of 11y I think things are sadly heading towards a divorce, wife as gotten seriously fat, treating me like crap we fight alot and i know i could do way better. Lately Hot women as been hitting on me a lot lately . Anyway Just a few week back i was at a...