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  1. Staticus

    Anyone have experience with online BS in Business ADMIN?

    Looking to get a BS in Business Administration. This will help me tremendously in my career. Anyone have any experience with online schools? If so, any recommendations would be appreciated. I did some “footwork” already and found numerous schools who offer this program. I just want to pick the...
  2. Staticus

    My Social Distancing, At Home Workout Routine Log.

    So, before I get started posting away here I would like to give a shout out to everyone on this forum. I hope all of you are staying sane, and safe. Hopefully this hasn’t effected your financial state or your health. I have seen a lot of posts recently of at home workout ideas and questions...
  3. Staticus

    Women and friends on social media.

    So this past weekend I decided to sit down with a good friend of mine, have some dinner, and talk about nonsense. He's currently in a relationship with a lady we both know and figured we'd chat about that for a bit. He brought something to my attention that I don't have much experience on...
  4. Staticus

    Having a DOM SUB relationship. what is your story?

    Keep an open mind. Not everyone is into B D S M, and not every DOM, SUB relationship is about B D S M. Most women out there these days are subs or hidden subs. It is mostly natural for them to be this way. I find it intriguing to find these women, and I find it very easy being as I am a DOM...