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  1. Jariel

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Hi guys, I doubt many users here today will remember me. I was a regular member here around 10 years ago and around 2 years ago I began writing in this No Contact thread after my break up. I have never felt such despair in my life as I felt at that time. I saw no future and no point to my life...
  2. Jariel

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Hi guys, I thought I'd drop in and pass on a bit of motivation for all you suffering from your break ups. I doubt many of you more recent posters have seen my posts in this thread, but my break up just over a year ago really f*cked me up bad!! I guess it was the first time I'd ever truly been in...
  3. Jariel

    Why are women so fascinated by tattoo's?

    It's because they look masculine and as someone said before, they are traditionally associated with bad boys. This is why I hate women covered in tattoos. It's a massive turn off for me because it's so masculine. I've had tattoos for a long time and been working on a sleeve the past year...
  4. Jariel

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    This is a big misunderstanding. It won't directly neutralise stomach acid, but it puts the body into a more alkaline state, which in turn lowers stomach acid. There are a lot of studies on the whole PH balance of the body. I'm not sure I buy into all the claims, but it seems a lot of acidic...
  5. Jariel

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Nooo! The acid will soften the enamel on your teeth, so if you brush straight after, you risk destroying the enamel. It's better to swill with water and chew some gum to neutralize the acid first. Then brush your teeth later. Another risk people need to be aware of is that ACV also...
  6. Jariel

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Just a quick post from me. I guess most of you posting here today don't know me, but I was a regular poster in this thread from September last year when my ex and I broke up. It was one of the darkest times in my life and if it wasn't for the good people here, the support and the people who...
  7. Jariel

    What's up with women and thinking wearing a pretend mustache is attractive?

    I just had to reply to this thread as it's one of my big pet hates right now. Like you say, it's all over dating sites and loads of women on Facebook are doing it too and it's fvcking horrible! We need to point this out to them. Not only is it unattractive, but it shows how impressionable they...
  8. Jariel

    A $7000 MISTAKE! How do i recover?

    This will be your undoing unless you rule out this option now!! We guys fool ourselves into thinking of this as a casual option, which allows us to detach from the emotion and drama, but it always turns out to be that one last hook she has in you. She can use this temptation of sex to keep you...
  9. Jariel

    Girl I'm dating is grieving - to comfort her or stay away?

    To be fair, I did show understanding and I didn't refuse to see her or act cold. When she asked if I wanted to come over I told her I was with some mates so it was difficult that night. To be honest, I'm not really close enough with her to send her a card (we've had only 2 dates and hung out...
  10. Jariel

    Girl I'm dating is grieving - to comfort her or stay away?

    Thanks guys. It's natural for me to offer comfort and support to anyone when they're going through bereavement and to be fair I have been there if she's texted me and I did offer to go round since if she wanted company. However, today it looks like she's either deleted the messenger we use or...
  11. Jariel

    Girl I'm dating is grieving - to comfort her or stay away?

    It helps to get an objective perspective on this as I don't want to fall back to my white knight habits nor do I want to go to the other extreme and disappear until she's in a better mood. Thanks guys!
  12. Jariel

    Girl I'm dating is grieving - to comfort her or stay away?

    Just a quick question. I have to confess to having white knight tendencies in the past and they've always backfired and left me with regret. So I've started seeing a girl the past month. She's pretty awesome to be fair, we have such a laugh when we're together and things are very hot and...
  13. Jariel

    FR: I got 2 words for ya!

    Bump for all the newbies. hahaha.
  14. Jariel

    Some minor adjustments that helped me turn my game around

    I'm glad to see you guys agree on the sexual escalation. I have to admit, if I meet a girl who is sexually forward and puts out easily, I will often disqualify her as girlfriend material. I respect girls who don't put out easily and I see them as having more value. I've not seen Vanilla Sky...
  15. Jariel

    Some minor adjustments that helped me turn my game around

    Hey guys, long story short, I found myself single again 8 months ago and slowly got myself back into the dating game. It's been a rough time to be honest and I started to become a bit of a serial dater and was getting rejected over and over. It was causing me a lot of confusion. I'm a good...
  16. Jariel

    GF has a crush on a new guy

    This is great advice that you should follow! Here's what I've learned about relationships. When things start getting tough and she starts losing interest, the only way to turn this around is to take a leap of faith and act counter to everything you're tempted to do. Instinctively, you will...
  17. Jariel

    How can i quit cigarette smoking ?

    Try reading the book "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr. It won't do the work for you, but it will help you understand your addiction and help recondition your mind so you're prepared to give up. I quit twice. Once for 6 months, before making the foolish decision to have a couple on...
  18. Jariel

    I Dumped her, Did I Judge Her Too Harshly??

    From past experiences, you know as well as I do that you should never ignore red flags as they will come back to bite you at some point down the road. This woman is bad news and you know it. As others have said, she'd be fine as a fvck buddy, but personally I'd treat her more as a one off and...
  19. Jariel

    I need serious advice about this girl.

    This is just the confusing nature of women. I've had this happen so many times...these girls just melt when they're with me, talk about our deep connection, throw compliments at me and I've heard them say about feeling like a giddy schoolgirl with a crush too. Then without any explanation or...
  20. Jariel

    RLE: If You Are Doing It Right....The Woman You Are With Shall Be Slighty Insecure

    Very good post and I agree completely. I've had experience of this myself and you need to keep a woman on her toes, keep her feeling like she has to work for you to some degree...and that goes for early stages and in the midst of a relationship. When a woman feels totally secure, unafraid to...