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  1. soulforge

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    Obviously with this virus currently fukin with us.. Dating & meeting woman now comes with its risks. That being side.. I am getting a ton of matches from dating apps, and a bunch of these woman are quite literally gagging to be banged. I am someone who recently recovered from CV19.. And I can...
  2. soulforge

    This Dude Is Banging Twin Sisters!

    What do you think guys? This dude is sleeping with twin sisters & will be impregnating both of them.
  3. soulforge

    Covid-19 Testing & Dating?

    So in this current climate, dating has become a risky prospect. It could be several years till we get back some normality & that is a long azz time to go without vagina. Do you think it is unreasonable to ask a female to provide evidence of a negative covid-19 test? Before any sex can happen...
  4. soulforge

    Ghislaine Maxwell Will Be Suicided Very Soon!

    OK so the media is already warming us up for another suicide.. Apparently GM is now a potential suicide risk.. How convenient! The most important witness to the biggest child trafficking, pedophile ring and they put her in the WORST most danger Jail possible.. Where is the logic in that...
  5. soulforge

    Unable To Use Tinder Unless I Agree With BLM Movement!

    What the fuk has the world become?
  6. soulforge

    UK Considering Sex Ban If Unmarried

    There is a new law being considered in the UK, which will make it illegal to have sex unless you are married or living together. Anyone caught going to his girlfriends house and sleeping over the night, would be commiting a criminal offence. New social distancing rules!
  7. soulforge

    Jhonny Depp The Real Victim Of Physical & Mental Abuse!

    This woman Amber Heard is full on crazy!
  8. soulforge

    How Many Of You Have Symptoms Of Covid?

    I had a slight temperature couple of days ago, and just a slight touch of a sore throat. Temperature is back to normal and I never developed a cough. Still worried to fuk though!
  9. soulforge

    How Serious Is This Disrespect?

    So I met this hot chick from bumble. Banged on first date.. She seemed to have high interest in me. We talked a couple of days after the bang and I asked her to meet again for a second date. She happily agreed to it and sounded very excited about it. So I arranged the date for tonight which...
  10. soulforge

    Is It Too Risky To Bang Plates?

    I have a couple of plates who I am not exclusive with.. Both want to see me.. However anyone of them could be taking dik elsewhere. With the current pandemic is it best to drop all plates? For now.
  11. soulforge

    Ex Contacted Me, Should I Igonre her?

    So I dumped her around 6 months ago! Simply because the red flags was too many! She has a history of nude modelling. Has been involved in pornography. Has done stripping. And was sexualy abused as a child. She is also occasional Cocaine User? Do I ignore? Or try to smash her? Strong...
  12. soulforge

    How Do You Deal With Lonliness?

    I simply tell myself that this is a temporary situation. We always end up meeting the next girl in our lives.. However.. Being on your own makes you a stronger man.. Codependency is always a downfall. Learn to be on your own... You will do better when you eventually meet someone
  13. soulforge

    Do You Date LTR Girls Who Use Cocaine?

    Guys an observation.. In the UK especially in the major city where I am from, I see this all of the time. The night life, bars, clubs are full of chicks taking Cocaine. It's not even considered a big deal to them.. It's done in a very casual way, almost like something normal like drinking...
  14. soulforge

    Are You Attracted To Damaged Slooty Woman?

    Do you find this kind of woman attractive, in the sense that she will be hot and give you crazy sex? However more than likely damaged to fuk.. And unstable in a relationship. On the other hand.. You can meet an average looking chick, who will give you average sex.. And is probably not too...
  15. soulforge

    Why Do We Ignore Obvoius Red Flags?

    What is it about puzzy, that even when we sense danger, and our gut instinct is screaming that something is wrong.. We continue to kid ourselves and believe shyte will workout? I want to hear about your experience of ignoring Red Flags, and how that worked out for you?
  16. soulforge

    Alcohol Is Ruining My Game!

    Date last night.. Started off well Back to my place.. Smashed like crazy for a few hours. Great sex! We both got drunk, she gets emotional and sleeps on my sofa because I didn't cuddle upto her in bed haha. I tell her to leave if your going to get all chitty about things. We both talked some...
  17. soulforge

    What Was The Longest Period, You Went Without Sex?

    I don't mean you went without sex, due to choice.. Most of us have gone monk mode at some point in our lives, by choice! What was your longest dry period, when you actually couldn't get any puzzy at all? Not a single chick wanted to bang your sorry azz. Mine was around 3 or 4 years ago.. And...
  18. soulforge

    Cardio And Muscle Loss? Real Chit Or Myth?

    Trying to lose a little fat around the belly area, it's not much but still, I like to keep a lean physiche. I keep hearing about how cardio kills your gains? Have any of you experienced muscle loss through cardio? Running especially!
  19. soulforge

    How Do I Get Rid Of This Hot HB9 Chick?

    So this new girl started working in our HR department.. She is tall, slim, sexy as faaark and originaly from Ukraine.. Solid HB9 So we are both in different departments.. She works on floor one.. And I'm on floor two. She comes upto my floor on a daily basis... One day she approached me out...
  20. soulforge

    Sexy As Hell.. But Damaged Broken Woman!

    Okay so you meet a chick who is the hottest thing you ever banged.. I mean the figure of PERFECTION. The best sex you EVER had.. But.. She is damaged goods.. broken! Do you keep smashing that azz.. Or bang a few times and run? Whats the official sloot/Hoe time line? I am 5 weeks into this...