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    Internet Abuse

    posting on so suave will leave you open to exposing your IP address at the behest of abusive mods, great selling point! new posters are welcome, please come and donate your dollars will fvcwits pimp your IP adress
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    Im probably heading for a ban

    just to let others know, as yet I have as yet, received not one PM informing me my posts are otherwise out of order...not one. but the cleanup act 2014, will ensue no doubt. keep the white knight dollars rolling guys
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    What happened to sosuave.

    funny, you did some digging! feel good? getting a bit hard? your post is abusive and hostile...should I report you? btw, you got GTFO wrong, pathetic cvunt. looks like fatal gay and gaylan (thread follower/troll, ar$e licker) have joined the circus
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    What happened to sosuave.

    ace troll herself
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    What happened to sosuave.

    and there you have it, there is no profit in truth, seell them lies, more likely to believe cr@p. this site is now for suckers...Vice has made it official
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    What happened to sosuave.

    nice shade of pink. what is special about this weekend? oh valentines....yeah....knock yourself out lady
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    Would you say this girl is a 9?

    8 max, IRL 7
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    What happened to sosuave.

    You get out??? really? anyway, its obvious to anyone with eyes, that a certain poster who has been banned, has really been banned for 'under the counter' issues! NOTHING posted on here was worthy of a ban, ergo...an agenda, I for one, do not believe one word of the 'official line' that the...
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    What happened to sosuave.

    this site is unravelling, dont ask mods for an even hand. they have an agenda
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    If you aren't watching true detectives on HBO...

    comes to the UK tv in just over a week, looking forward to it now
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    Seriously? No single moms EVER?

    of course you could, that is why not many are single. if they are they will usually have a coupls of FB's on defcon 4. A woman with a child, who was married? and is now single indicates a need for more scrutiny and screening
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    Seriously? No single moms EVER?

    marrying or settling down with a single mother as opposed to marrying or settling down with a single, child free woman? First of all, you are approaching this from a shallowing pool perspective, those single women are few and far between, so you have fewer options, this is causing you to cast...
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    Obese woman gets shamed for going from 260# to 105#!

    she looks fantastic,she has made a fantastic effort. trouble is....she has set the bar toooo far, she has done men a marvellous favour, she has shown, god forbid, that you dont have to be fat and it is afer all...a choice
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    They will use is against you...yah think I learned by now...

    I have always maintained that women have a hard drive in their brain, they have an uncanny ability to bring up stuff you thought was long gone and utterly irrelevant and use it against you, the only variable is how malicious is the woman you are with, they all have this ability, all of them
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    gym help lose gut?

    do you do a lot of cardio?
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    gym help lose gut?

    the key to fat loss is your diet, cut out as many processed foods as you can, avoid refined sugary foods, cut out the beer, pizza, bread, pastries etc. eat more lean meet, fish and pack is as many green veggies as you like. its that simple, lift weights regularly, muscle bursn more calories. its...
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    Have confidence. so much bull**** advice lol

    this thread isnt about confidence, its about Backbreakers Narcissism
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    I swear half the issues on this board could be fixed by understanding this...

    its hardly the greatest songwriting ever...but its the truth