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Search results

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    What shows are you watching?

    Reruns of the mentalist/homeland/billions/power what are you guys doing during this crisis
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    True alpha male in my opinion-eli

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    Paulo Coelho your thoughts?

    not my favorite author more into fitzgerald london and dumas what are your thoughts
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    military personel only

    how was you experience while in either as an officer or enlisted
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    What do you think of this documentary?

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    any of you work as nightclub promoters?

    wanted to know what has been your experience and what tools you use to promote
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    awesome article on friendships

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    i have a confession to make

    I seriously think mikhaila petersons is so hot any agree
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    any good excercise tips for boxing defense

    wont be doing any sparring any time soon wanted to know what you do for defense
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    does amber heard have case

    her case against depp has fallen to apart
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    your thought on mike tyson coming back

    He looks good but think he should stick to his play and exhibition matches
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    Why the hell is everyone hating on adele

    I think she looks alot hotter and i give her credit for quitting smoking and losing the pounds:)
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    two shows im really into

    billions and power have any of you guys watching
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    What do you think of drakes girl?

    Ex nude model/actress/artist a true jack of all trades lol:)
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    have any of you traveled since this the virus had taken effect

    want to know if you have traveled internationally or domestic in the last month and how did it play out:)
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    just how many of you are married?

    and just wanted to know do you really think 40 is the new 20 im 37 myself and single
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    Latest on jordan peterson

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    friends how small is your circle?

    Mines is very small and dont confuse seniority with loyalty :)
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    speilberg daughter to do porn

    I could not make this **** up what do you guys think?
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    How do you deal with your adhd?

    Have but have been looking for some meds to take your thoughts