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    Physical touching on dates during pandemic

    I have a few girls lined up for dates in the coming days, and as I haven't seen them in a while (one I'm meeting for the first time), I was wondering what your guys' approach is when you meet with girls during this pandemic - do you hug them when you see them, etc.? Is it different from the...
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    Dating religious/Christian women

    In the country I live in, my target date pool of women (25-32) are quite often Christian, practising. Any experiences with these, game wise etc.? I'm in mid 30's (non-practising Christian) so I don't really wanna game too much if I can sense they're unsure about me, but still wanted to ask.
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    What would you do in my situation?

    I've been flirting with this girl at work for several months now, we've been texting and we hung out once, she's the most amazing person I've ever met - and I don't say that lightly. My problem is that I like her a lot, so I asked her to hang out a few times, and after she couldn't make it twice...
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    Experiences with German women?

    Hey guys, Any of you got experience with German women? I've been living here for a number of years and have dated 2 so far, neither of them worked out, so just wondering what others' experiences have been like. I especially mean experiences with them while living in Germany.
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    Getting over oneitis

    What would you recommend to someone that is hung upon a girl that's not actively responding to hang/go out, and is also pretty introverted, without a real desire to go outside and look for other women?
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    Social distancing - anyone else feeling no desires towards women?

    What's up guys, So we've been in this social distancing for a month now, and what I've noticed is because of total absence of female presence in my life (in person), I've lost pretty much all desire for them. Instead, I'm working very hard on my passion and making the most out of this time, and...
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    Texting during this time

    Hey guys, Are you keeping your texting with women on the same amount as usual, or are you texting more now in this lockdown situation? I'm thinking whether I should text this girl more or not, as I'm not seeing her at all - we're not dating or anything, but am trying to make something happen in...
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    Picking up women IRL in a foreign country

    I live in Germany and I almost never go out due to being an introvert and I guess having some social anxiety, mostly because of my lack of speaking German. I've had a few girlfriends since I've lived here, but none of them worked out, and now I'm finding myself at a point where I can't really...
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    Introverted guy in a foreign country

    Hi guys, I'm a guy living in a foreign country, where I speak some of the language, but not well enough to be comfortable to go out and meet new people by myself. Even if I could, I am a kind of person that wouldn't do this by myself, out of nothing. I'm of course trying to do the online dating...
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    Your opinion on a coworker

    Hi guys, Good to be on board, thanks for having me. I’ve been following some online coaching YouTube channels for some time and have learned quite a lot, but still struggling a bit with women, the question below is for a specific one. This girl is a new coworker of mine, and we see each other...