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    Passive income

    Anyone here have a passive income stream? I'm talking about passive income that amounts to $2000 or more per month. How long did it take to build and how much work do you put into it per week keeping it alive?
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    How to get laid without game

    I can't learn game or improve my social life. I have tried. How can a man get with young women if he can't learn game? I know I can go to Nevada or something for legal prostitution but are there other ways? Heads up I prefer to only buy sex where it's legal because I know I will get stung
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    Is it possible to get laid if you work 7 days a week?

    I'm talking girls younger than 40, no meth addiction and not missin any taith
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    Should I sleep with really ugly woman?

    I am an incel with pretty much no sexual experience. I am almost 26 but now a 45 year old ex-tweaker wants to hook up with me. Problem is that much like you guys are repulsed by fat chicks I am repulsed by older women (like 15 years older and more) plus I hate tweakers with the burning passion...
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    Friendzone Sex

    I have heard here and on trp that when a girl is mad enough at her boyfriend she sometimes looks to one of her orbiters to bang them. Does this actually happen, and if so how can I be that orbiter?
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    Psa: Awalt proves true

    I was hanging with my social circle and two of the girls were talkin about cheating like it's normal and men should "stop bitching" about it. Be aware, fellas.
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    Progress and rejection

    I finally went out and started cold approaching last night. It was new and I learned a good bit off a few rejections alone, but ultimately pretty underwhelming. I lost count of how many approaches I did, got blown out of all of them until the last one (I didn't pull though). I thought the girls...
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    Can You Cut if you Drink A Lot

    I am sure it is possible, but can you? I love alcohol.
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    Weak arms and construction

    WORK!!! ****ING!!!! CONSTRUCTION!!!!! Everyone tells me. I have tried it in day labor and nearly broke my shins several times. What is the heaviest thing you need to lift in construction? What muscles should I work to prepare myself for it?
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    Legal Prostitution Cost

    Now before I continue I want to be clear that this thread is not an invitation for preaching against prostitution nor do I want people telling me its better when you don't pay for it. I just want to know where i can get the most bang for my buck as far as women goes. If I travel abroad and can...
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    Being Real

    I have been looking at game on and off for 5 years now, and I am just sick of the social "tactics." I'm done trying to act how I think I should in order to get the elusive *****. I'm going to say what I mean, be who I am. I know "be yourself" is looked down upon here, but its all I got. Faking...
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    Alright...a basic question

    How do you cold approach without coming off autistic?
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    How can a guy like me "believe in himself?"

    Referencing this thread here: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/is-confidence-really-the-only-thing-that-separates-guys-who-get-laid-vs-those-who-dont.247706/ If you have zero experience getting laid and only recently began asking women on dates (which I'm not even sure they knew they were...
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    I know this is bad

    I am always hesitant to tell embarrassing stories on sites and forums that I frequent, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, but **** it. Its the internet. So here it goes. Last week was the second time I have slept with a girl without banging her. Granted, we were both very drunk and I passed out...
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    How hopeless can a guy be?

    Do you think some guys are simply meant to never sleep with a woman no matter what he does? I know a guy can pay for it, but sting operations are everywhere and even if a guy pays half or more of his savings for a girl doesn't mean he won't want more (which he then cannot afford.) I have such...
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    The Right Mindset

    How do you think like a high value guy or get into the mindset of one if you've been bottom-of-the-barrel for so long?
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    How to be the right kind of *******

    A lot of *******s seem to really have it made. You know, the guy who is a total prick that gets laid all the time. The guy whos an ******* but is pretty well of financially. The guys who likes to put people down and **** but always has a ton of friends and goes to a lot of parties. But of...
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    Is it true running hurts testosterone?

    And if so, how can a guy train his stamina? And to clarify, I mean running on the treadmill before hitting the weights. Thats how I have always done my workouts.
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    Is Models a dumb book?

    It seems geared towards getting men those long sexless relationships, and I just read a part that said a relationship where she makes you wait is more successful than a one night stand. What is your honest review?
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    Marijuana, and Game

    Is it good or bad for game? I know it can make a person feel more confident, chatty, think in new ways, and it can help you meet others who are into it, including girls. That being said I know some guys shut themselves away from the world when they get into pot and I know it can hurt your...