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    Im probably heading for a ban

    just to let others know, as yet I have as yet, received not one PM informing me my posts are otherwise out of order...not one. but the cleanup act 2014, will ensue no doubt. keep the white knight dollars rolling guys
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    a facebook observation, anyone else see this?

    the married 'friends' I have on FB and those I know but who aren't 'friends' have their own profiles. however what I am noticing more and more is that a lot the females have their own individual best pic as their profile whereas the men have a 'couple' photo on. what is going on here? my...
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    Mad Men

    what are guys thoughts on this show, more importantly the characters, esp Don Draper? he has his demons, seems pretty cool otherwise, alpha, tall dark, typical for TV stereotyping. his mannerisms ooze the traits preached on here. of course the set is in the 60's, smoking, drinking, womanising...
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    so you want to avoid BPD's nutjobs, b!tches etc

    was reading this article today and its pretty much bang on the money, Ive been there, many guys on here will have too. thing is, its soo easy to get sucked into believing some of this sh!t, however, keep your guard up and re refer to this work, it really is gold dust...
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    A bit of a conundrum, assistance needed

    last 2 dates, both went really well, first one was a Poffer,( 42) nothing special, we had drinks, made out a lot, she was hesitant, reluctant, put up a little resistance so I backed right off, couple of more drinks, went for it again and heavy makeout. however she described me as 'Trouble' a...
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    POF clampdown on 'dirty old men'????

    got this e mail from dear old Markus, founder of Pof....Im sure it wasnt just me though!!! "My name is Markus and I created POF/Plentyoffish. When I created POF, I wanted it to be all about finding relationships with the right person. For the first 7 years this worked really well, I got the...
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    Trash tv going to new lows

    and dont you know there will be a long line of mugs to make honest women of these youngs ladies http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2313579/Were-pregnant-dating-Five-single-moms-hunt-Mr-Right-growing-baby-bumps.html
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    windows 8

    what a god awful peice of sh!t this is! I take my hat off to the marketers and promoters because they have done an awesome job of selling this crap, they really could sell ice to the eskimos
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    The fall of the republic, opinions on this

    long video I know,(2'25") it is however a modern day, real horror story, not just for the USA (although the main focus is on the machinations and impact upon, the USA) but for the world, Orwellian in nature and content. any of you giuys in the US got opinions on the producer alex Jones, and...
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    what to do with your money??? (if you have any)

    I have a little, (GBP) ive took it out of the bank, its doing nothing in there and after what has happened in Cyprus....Ill look after my own thanks! now, stocks /shares...forget it, way way over inflated, a crash looms! gold/silver? you cant eat it but when the GBP/Dollar fails, which they...
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    sex outside a marriage to save the marriage!!!

    "My husband and I have always enjoyed a good debate and we ended the conversation by saying an affair was fine, but neither of us would ever want to know aboutit. He may have been joking,but deep down that’s what I’dwanted to hear and I took it as a tacit agreement between us." so the guy...
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    Dear USA, Austerity doesnt work

    you are about to embark on some tough times. Albert Einstein apparently described Insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". well USA hasnt done it yet, but here in the UK we have as have a few other European countries. Austerity doesnt work, the...
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    Bradley Manning, modern day hero?

    the guy has steel balls to do what he has done imo, Im sure at any point he could have just 'dissapeared' yet he has shown some USA activities to be way below the belt and risked his own life to do so.
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    UK Women are getting fatter :(

    just been watching a depressing news story, havent got a link so cant share it. more than 50% UK women are now overweight, how do they receive this news? the fashion industry has to move to make fashions more accessible for these 'real' women. now I really dont like stick insects but this big...
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    Oscar Pistorius, motive?

    he has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend of around 2-3 months Reeva Steenkamp. he apparently shot her in the early hours of this morning, police said there have been previous 'domestic incidents' that came to their attention. Pistorious is a notable gun fan, slept witha 9mm...
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    This woman has never had a ONS?? what say you all?

    http://style.uk.msn.com/sex-and-relationships/mollie-king-on-being-single#image=1 Bullshine would be my answer
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    Facebook vomit

    the attention whoring is getting to me, I dont post much and dont have that many 'friends' on tw@tbook but I have colleagues and old frineds, family I dotn get to see that often so it has some uses. there are a few young girls on there, family and colleagues whose attention seeking really...
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    Lance Armstrong

    I dont know what the media is like in the USA but here in the UK, they are really laying into the bloke. frist off, yes he is a cheat, a perpetual habitual cheat, a liar and a shameless one it would seem to me. what I find about the situation is the huge hypocrisy and the pack mentality to...
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    Women drivers in the UK now having to pay equal insurance premiums as males

    and the girlies dont like it!!! :crackup: its not fair, men have more accidents....actually they dont necessarily girls! its an old sauce but I dont think it will have changed much... http://www.scienceagogo.com/news/19980516133725data_trunc_sys.shtml
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    Most honest, reliable source of news?

    Im trying to forman opinion on the sh!t going off in palestine at the moment, Im also aware of media bias and although we have the good old BBC here in the UK, I simply dont trust it anymore, which sites/sources of news have memebers found to be genuine and close to the real deal?