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    Force yourself to go through with it.....

    It could be anything in life that you have the desire to do but you feel apprehensive, nervous, etc. It has to be something that you want to do/say, but the nervousness is holding you back. This doesn't pertain to not going through with skydiving if you have zero desire to do it anyway. Want...
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    If you are young man 18-24 and live near the ocean; become a lifeguard!

    I have never been a lifeguard but I was at the beach today and man these female lifeguards are supercute, tan and in shape! Most of them look right out of high school to early-mid 20's (tops). I can imagine the camraderie is tight amongst them as well; good way to get in a good social circle...
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    If you were of draft age during WW2, what branch would you have joined

    Please be honest. Don't say US Marine Corps sniper if you honestly are not a brave person or couldn't see yourself in a foxhole. Also, please try and forget what the final numbers were. Being in the Merchant Marines or in the Army Air Corps was more dangerous than the others, but pretend you...
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    Is Bumble/Tinder better than Match because it's free?

    I am on both and searching for age range late 20s to late 30s. My observations: Bumble (Tinder probably similiar): has alot of fit attractive women on it. It honestly seems like 7 out of 10 are attractive. Match.com: Many of the women are overweight/Obese (even though my filter has...
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    Best feature film in the history of cimema?

    I vote Dances With Wolves. Who's with me?
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    Men marking their territory with their women?

    This happens every so often and it happened to me this morning. I was running in the local township park and I passed this couple once going out and the second time coming back. On the second time, the guy pulled his girl towards him by grabbing her on the hip and then kissing her on the...
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    Rollercoasters and being older

    Went to Six Flags in my state. Rode two big roller coasters, one was a wooden Roller Coaster (El Toro) that goes 70 mph and has 4.4 G Force. The second was Bizarro which goes upside down. This is day three and I still don't feel right. Slight headache, vertigo and nauseous (mild). When I...
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    Leaving girl your phone number instead of vice versa

    My friend used to do this all the time and I thought it was the cowards way out. However, I am starting to believe its not a bad idea to do it if you are not sure of the woman's IL. If you are unsure of her IL, she might not feel comfortable giving you her phone number. Leaving yours, it...
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    Younger women looking hotter as you get older

    Is it just me? Even an average looking (relative to her peers) 20-24 year old looks like a "smokeshow" to me (I am 43). I guess it is all in the youthful glowing skin? Couple years ago I briefly dated a 21 year old when I was 41. She was probably average compared to her peers, but she seemed...
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    Awaking suddenly while trying to fall asleep.

    It happens a few times every night. I will be drifting off to sleep and then for a second I think I am dying and my body jerks awake. Its wierd. I think it's maybe just my body reacting to a muscle reaction. Anyone else have this.
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    Netflix movie about Motley Crue--"The Dirt"

    I grew up in the 80's so I was a fan of the heavy metal and glam metal bands. I finally saw this last night and it was pretty good. Three out of four of the band members were played by foreigners (An Englishman, Welshman and Australian). Machine Gun Kelly was the only American portraying...
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    Men who get jealous possessive of their woman

    I never really understood it. As we know: Men (single men).....We are opportunists. As it has been said, we "cast a wide net"(like a fisherman) when we are out an about (E.g. mall, bar, class, gym) and will try and establish eye contact with just about any female we find moderately...
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    Being around your parents too much

    I was living at home for six months at 42-43 because I was saving for a town home and didn't want to renew my lease. It was a blow to the ego living at home (my age didn't help) since in their eyes you will always be that child. However, atleast it was not lonely. I now have my own place...
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    How your peers saw you in childhood-adolescense. Is that permanent?

    Just an FYI, this post is not here to express bitterness, resentment or venting. It's just an interesting question from a psychology perspective and it entered my mind recently. For example ( and I am sure all of you can relate or have similiar stories) Lets say your "friends" that you grew...
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    Why are some guys never single?

    Don't we all know a male friend, friend of a friend or acquaintance that always seems to go from relationship to relationship, they are never single long? What gives? Being with somebody, even if you aren't that into them is better than being alone? Embarrassed being single? Closet...
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    Your favorite 80's comedy movie?

    I am sure there are ones I am forgetting, but I love all these movies. I guess Breakfast Club and Can't by Me love are both comedies/drama films but I included them. My favorite is Revenge of the Nerds!
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    Owning property and status

    After 22 years of renting, I finally bought a townhome at 43 years of age. Do chicks actually care about this? Do they see you as a loser if you are X years old and are still renting?
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    Women I met before pandemic at bar

    Long story short. Gave her my number, she contacted me. Asked her out (mid-March), she said she might have plans (her answer showed 50/50 interest) We couldn't go out on a date anyway due to quarantine. In the last month, she initiated 2 texts with me and I initiated the last one (three...
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    Bumble vs. Match.com

    Anyone else notice the women are much more attractive on Bumble? Match.com, 60 % of the women 28 to 45 are overweight/obese.
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    Are most guys 18-24 successful with women?

    By successful, I mean are guys in this age range able to make girlfriends of women who at 18 to 24; are at their peak SMV? Maybe I am answering my own question , but I would say no. Maybe I also hope it is "no" since I was a failure with women during this age range too. Seems like the only...