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    Will this crap ever end?

    Article: Guy Gets Trashed For Shaming Girlfriend About Hairy Legs Just because he didn't complain before it got Sasquatch long, he is wrong? People commented: "Its Natural!" Well, so is armpit stink. Maybe he should go a week without washing his pits to get the point across and say to HER: But...
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    Even More.. Wow..f***ked up

    Some of you might remember my post "Wow..f***ked up" from a few months back where a girl asked me to meet her out, but was still on a date. I ran into her since then quite a few times and basically freindzoned her to access her friends. Although I know that she is not relationship material, she...
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    Spill it or just listen?

    A friend of mine (45) just got dumped for the second time by the same girl (around the same age). They were dating for about 9 months. Traveled to quite a few places. Girl is cute, built, fun, outgoing and honestly one of the most intelligent women that I have ever encountered. Sharp witted...
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    Orbit lift off attempt

    I just had to share this. I have been chatting with this girl, face to face and text, for a bit. For those who care, HB7. Showed interest, flirting, right down to stopping me as I was leaving and asking when she would see me again. I would have asked what she had in mind at that moment, but...
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    Field Report: The Perfect Storm

    Took a girl out on a first date last Saturday ( yes, worth the Saturday). She is the type that runs every morning and hits the gym five days a week. Tight body, a very cute face and bright blue eyes. Pure German. I met her at a place that I had never been to, but heard was good. She arrived...
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    A woman fighting her emotional and logical sides

    One of my girls who I have known for a bit, but not pursued since relationship gaps have never aligned. I kind of put her in the friendzone. Even with that, she has always flirted with me and we do go out together, have beers, play pool. Its occasional dating without the sex and she picks up the...
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    From the Horses Mouth

    I have been working on this one girl that I run into here and there and went ahead and called her for a date. She said she had something planned, but would cancel. Apparently one of her orbiters was meeting her somewhere. Quote: "I already have plans with my friend John for dinner, but I can...
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    Has anyone ever asked for rejection feedback?

    This popped into my mind while replying to another thread. Obviously we all have gotten shot down, more that we have succeeded. The usual thing seems to be trial and error with your pickup routine, but who really knows for sure what the real reasons for rejection were? Even though projecting...
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    Wow..f***ked up

    So, been chatting this girl up, went on a coffee date. Went out a week later for happy hour and kissed her when leaving. A few days later I asked to get together at a local spot we both know. It was a last minute thing and she said that she had plans but may stop by for one or two and that a...
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    I think that I just royally f'ed up

    Cool girl, attractive, smart, ambitious, life in order, has standards, lots in common. She got out of a few year long relationship a few months ago and I met her soon after it ended. We have had some tension going for a while and I have held back since I didn't want to be the rebound guy and...
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    So I texted this girl for a date, 5-6 hours later says she has plans to meet people she used to work with earlier, but can possibly meet me later. 10 minutes later, I get a text: "Lets do tomorrow". Sounds good, right? 15 minutes later, I get a text: I must be losing my mind. I meant to say...
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    Being Agreeable on Dump

    I have been seeing this girl for a few months. Lots of mixed messages, yet a fun time and wild sex when we did get together. I am a bit more interested in another girl and was getting tired of the nonsense with the no-replies, short answers, date declines without offering another day. You all...
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    A lost cause? Soldier on?

    I have known this girl for about 3 months. Met her, got her number, forgot about her. She sent me a text about two weeks later saying hello. We bounced texts back over the following weeks. Some days, quite a few, others none. We both have busy schedules and he is further away than I normally...
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    Did I F up?

    I have been texting with a pretty hot girl for a couple of months and was on two dates. Married (basically roommates and discussing separation). First date, kiss close, told me she had an amazing time. 2nd date. Practically dragged me into her car, hot make out and fingering. Before leaving, I...
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    Yet another should I move on thread

    I posted before about a woman that I am working on and have had one great date with her. Many emails before and after. We have a had a hot game going similar to sexting. The last one I sent she replied as she prepped for her work holiday party: "Omg! I’m trying to curl my hair but my toes are...
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    Glad I played it cool

    I had a second date set up last night (she is super hot, fun and smart) and she was supposed to meet me at about 8:00. At about 6:30, she sent me an email (we are using email vs text, but that is another story) that she was held up at a dinner with her parents and asked what my timeline looked...
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    Pretty sure that I am about to get dumped. URGENT

    I'll try and be short here but there is a lot. 3+ Year relationship 1 hour apart I'm pretty busy She is less busy, but keeps herself busy. I'm the second man she ever slept with She married at 17 and I met her just prior to her divorce (no kids). It took 3 months to sleep with her. I read it...
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    Respect or worse

    Hey guys, I have been dating a girl for 2 years. Both being busy we planned on a two day get way around labor day since we don't seem to have the time to get away very often. I picked the place and she offered to arrange the room for us at a resort. So, about three weeks before, she floats the...