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    This is how it’s done fellas!

    i have had this smart thermostat for a month sitting here needing to be installed. i called around and finally found an electrician that works on Saturdays but he said he’s moving today so Monday would work. I said not for me as i work 8-5 and he said he will keep my number and call if he can...
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    How much contact do you need?

    honestly i still find men so “hard to read.” i think maybe i project a lot or over analyze or insert emotions into it when i shouldn’t. how much contact do you guys need/want from a girl you are seeing? this includes text and in person. is less more in that it keeps it fresh and builds...
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    Being single

    What are your thoughts on desiring to be, and staying, single? Is it unhealthy? I am struggling with this recently forcing myself to date. And also struggling with keeping these relationships at a certain level as i guess it’s human nature to want more and deeper relationships. But it’s not what...
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    For the ladies: How To Be More Attractive To Men: A 5000 Word Guide, Written By A Man

    I found this article to be insightful and it echoes much of the advice given here. I especially like the “be enthusiastic” reminder. It’s pretty funny too! Enjoy! So you want to be more attractive to the men you most desire. Nice...
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    Single, childless women are happier

    Any thoughts regarding this study? https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/single-childless-women-happier-healthier_ca_5ced5882e4b0bbe6e3340b30