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  1. BeTheChange

    Tony Montana was right

    In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women. Few caveats to start with: Yes, looks are undeniably important for a lot of young women (18-21), particularly those who haven't graduated and...
  2. BeTheChange

    Early 30s with solid career - Going back to school - Worth it?

    Currently working in commercial finance, making good money ($100k+) I can tolerate what I do, but I don't really have a passion for it. I've always had an interest in Maths, Physics, technology, etc but my old man wanted me to go into "business" and so pushed me down the path of...
  3. BeTheChange

    Cold Approach vs Social Circle Game

    On one side of the fence you have legit posters like @DEEZEDBRAH who swear by it, having been forged in the fire through cold approaching hundreds of women. On the other side you have posters with clear experience such as @stormrider who basically says cold approaching is useless for getting...
  4. BeTheChange

    When to bring up comp?

    I used to work at a VC fund but have since moved on. However one of the startups I worked with has just managed to raise seed capital (c. $500k) and need a CFO. They haven't directly mentioned the position to me since January (since they weren't able to raise), but the CEO has asked me to...
  5. BeTheChange

    Location seems to be a critical factor rarely acknowleged here

    For the last two months I’ve experienced a genuine dry patch. Before this period, I’d spent almost six years drifting between gf and plates, often overlapping and so never really experienced true scarcity. I live in London (population 8 million). Many complain this is a difficult city to game...
  6. BeTheChange

    This site vs reality

    No strong opinion but looking around I don’t see too much of this singles epidemic, which is lauded as evidence of the end times amongst many posters here. I work in a team of 10 and we were all discussing our plans for Valentines. Turns out I’m the only one who’s single. I don’t see this as...
  7. BeTheChange

    Surprising plate with weekend trip

    Finally at stage in my life where I have the means to travel regularly without flinching at the costs. It's my main plate's birthday coming up soon and I've made it a new year's resolution to get away from home once a month so killing two birds with one stone. What's the best way to execute the...
  8. BeTheChange

    Success Journal - LTR and Family as the goal

    I am a firm believer in accountability; that people pretty much get what they deserve in life. You are responsible for your outcomes, your successes and your failures. Don’t blame the market or social media, or the pill, or slvt culture or feminism. Good women, at least how most people in...
  9. BeTheChange

    DUMPED over a month ago - Cant seem to shake this sense of loss

    Cliff notes Dumped by HB8/HB9. Beginning to recognise it's going to be very difficult to replace her with someone of equivalent attractiveness. She has a body type which I go crazy for but is extremely rare (mediterranean, big ass, big legs small waist, slim arms and shoulders due to over 20...
  10. BeTheChange

    Car Buying Advice for Inexperienced Driver

    I am almost 30 but due to living in a metropolitan city with good transport links all of my career have never needed to use a car. Interested in buying a car now purely as a luxury item and have been looking at entry level sports cars. I'd like to start with something like a Porsche boxster...
  11. BeTheChange

    Lower body only workout routine

    Injured my rotator cuff over a month ago. I took a week off and then started training again slowly, skipping exercises that involved any shoulder push movements and raises. By this point I expected to be well on my way to recovery but I'm still feeling some pain whenever too much pressure is...
  12. BeTheChange

    SMV and the Wall confirmed by Economist

    Source: https://www.economist.com/briefing/2018/08/18/how-the-internet-has-changed-dating
  13. BeTheChange


    Is it worth getting an expensive pair of sunglasses ($200 - $500) if you can afford it? I've always liked to dress well but didn't think branding was so important to chicks but, in the past, one recent ex plate revealed she absolutely loved seeing me in Armani boxers. She also liked when I'd...
  14. BeTheChange

    Would you LTR a feminist

    Believes in male privilege, the myth of male power, female victimhood. I feel open to an LTR and many girls I date push for it but one common theme I'm finding is that so many of the women I date, particularly the younger ones seem to either be self proclaimed feminists or they share that...
  15. BeTheChange


    Do you think it's possible to live a truly authentic life if your partner has a fundamentally different positions on any or all of the following: Politics Fairness as it pertains to redistribution of wealth, opportunity and outcome Religion and the existence of God Morality and what it means to...
  16. BeTheChange

    Define a "h0e"

    How would you define a h0e? Any girl who's had a one night stand? A chick younger than 30 with more than 20 partners? Girls that hit the club's more than once a month?
  17. BeTheChange

    This is why you should ignore the posters who demand we remove our anonymity

    www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-politics-41750136 Made some honest comments about women in 2002, when he was 19 years old. Loses his job in 2017.
  18. BeTheChange

    Make your Hobbies your passion and your plates

    Just got back from salsa and had a great time. After a year of fun, major embarrassments and many stepped on feet I've had a breakthrough these last few weeks. I'm actually managing to commit to long term memory many of the moves I've spent the last few months fumbling through. My technique has...
  19. BeTheChange

    There is a groupie for every male endeavour….EVEN World of Warcraft

    One of the most consistent experiences throughout school, college and the metropolitan city life is that women tend to go for men who excel within a particular field.. Admiration, social proof, being with a man that other men want to be. The cute girls who like musicians hang out at open mic...
  20. BeTheChange

    Ideal scenario given the situation?

    Plate I've been seeing has flown out to Africa to work in some NGO project. She declares her love for me and wants to be in anLTR. I say no chance unless she can see me frequently (e.g. at least once a month) She says there's no way she can get back before January. I reject her. She comes...