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  1. RicBoy

    Update: ex didn't reply.

    I just wanted to update for the guy who have followed my posts. So after I sent a birthday msg after nearly 5 months no contact I got no reply. My son is moving close to me and to follow the advice on this forum I decided to break the connections between out kids. My son and her daughter her...
  2. RicBoy

    Broke no contact after 4 months.

    For reference my stripey in under the thread "current situation". Yesterday I sent my ex gf a birthday msg to her phone. I think a quite good chance she had me blocked. So I asked her best friend to pass her msg to her. A her friend read it but didn't reply. Here is the msg: Happy birthday...
  3. RicBoy

    Current situation

    I dated a girl for 7 months. Things were going good. Unfortunately I was unemployed, didn't have much going on besides her and she got smothered. A month before we broke up, she offered me a job at her company. She became my boss. 6 months in the relationship I was at her place 5 to 6 times a...
  4. RicBoy

    No contact, she reached out

    Story is complicated but ill keep it short. Dated a girl for 7 months. I was unemployed, nothing much going on in my life and I ended up smothering her (her words) and she left me. Before she left me, she became distant for a couple of weeks, because I became very needy, smothering her, and in...
  5. RicBoy

    She left me!

    Need advice! I was dating a girl for 7 months, all was good, we work together. We met my family this summer, and we were going to meet her family on Xmas. A month ago, she was going through a lot of stress, work, issues with her daughter, and also semi serious health issues where cancer could...
  6. RicBoy

    No contact or...?

    Ex dumped me 3 times during a period of 3,5 years, we dated all together for 2 years. I got her back twice wrongly by breaking NC. Last time after 5 months NC, she was the one contacting me after she heard I spoke to one of our mutual friends. We hangout 2 months, had sex, and agreed being...